How Long Has Grant Been A Firefighter? The 'Bachelorette' Contestant Has Gotten Some Buzz

You know those calendars your mom used to have tacked up somewhere in the house, of Chippendale-esque firefighters posed with their helmets covering their junk and fire hoses strategically placed everywhere? And how they were somehow the hottest, most unrealistic firefighters ever? Well, times have changed, because Grant Kemp from The Bachelorette is a firefighter and a model. In real life. But given his amazing jawline and chiseled features, which certainly read more model, you may wonder how long Grant Kemp has been a firefighter prior to The Bachelorette? He's been helping for almost a decade, if you can believe it.

The model by day and firefighter by night has been working as a paramedic firefighter for about seven years, according to his LinkedIn. He started off as a wildland firefighter for the US Forest Service in 2009, so yeah, he's been saving lives for almost an entire decade. Not too shabby, right? It's pretty impressive, and definitely respectable, that he has been able to keep up such a intense and noble job helping people in his day-to-day life. Today, he works as a firefighter paramedic with the Hayward Fire Department in San Francisco, but that's not all he does.

Which shouldn't really surprise anyone, since you don't compete as a body builder for nothing. Grant Kemp from The Bachelorette is also a seasoned model with the Look Model Agency, but keeps his insanely nice guy status by keeping up with his career as a firefighter. Of course, there is the little matter of Kemp having been in a serious relationship as recently as last year, and rumors about his breakup just to be able to be a contestant on The Bachelorette certainly exist.

And then there is the little matter of wondering if because Grant Kemp is a model as well, is he just in this for exposure? Honestly, that'd be a hard feat since pretty much every contestant this season on The Bachelorette looks like they are ready for their GQ close up. While Kemp is a legit model, there are plenty of hot guys who are currently his competition for JoJo's heart and, in a way, screen time.

But, I refuse to believe that this nice guy firefighter thing is all an act. Spending seven years as a firefighter does not come to someone who just wants a day/night job so they can model the other half of the time. Rumors aside about Grant's past relationships and M.O., he's still the kind-faced and, yes, hot, firefighter on The Bachelorette that fans will be eating up. He's also no stranger to talking openly about being a firefighter on his Instagram:

"This job has made me a lot more aware of what's important in life. Every day you make a difference is a good day... Every day you're still here, is a good day."

Will Grant Kemp last on The Bachelorette? That's hard to say just yet, since Monday's Season 12 premiere was, as expected, all over the place in terms of allowing us to get to know all of the guys vying for JoJo. But he's definitely a contestant that is competition for some of these other guys.