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Welp, It's Time To Give In & Commit Your Summer To 'Love Island'

If you're a U.S. viewer who quickly consumed Love Island on Hulu in a span of a few weeks, then boy, do I have some news for you. The UK reality series is coming to CBS on Jul. 9, and no, this isn't a dream. The American version will feature comedian Arielle Vandenberg as its host and a hot new lineup of Islanders. However, there are a few subtle differences between the U.S. and UK shows, and sadly, this includes the episode count. So how many episodes is Love Island? Season 1 of the U.S. version will be shorter than fans are used to.

For now, there aren't a whole lot of details on the first installment of Love Island. CBS has yet to announce an official episode count for the first season. Nevertheless, it has been revealed that the American Love Island won't be on air for two months straight like the original UK series. But, according to Vulture, Love Island will still be released every weeknight for four weeks. Entertainment Tonight then reported that the Love Island finale will debut on Wednesday, Aug. 7. So with the premiere on Tuesday, Jul. 9, Season 1 of Love Island could be 21 episodes long. That is, if CBS really airs a new episode every weeknight from the given premiere date to finale date.

In any case, you can still check out over 200 episodes of Love Island on Hulu. As of this write-up, the UK version has 210 episodes — and counting, with four complete seasons and a fifth one airing now.

Given the shortened timeline of CBS' Love Island, longtime fans might be worried about major changes to the show's format. But it looks like the new show is more or less the same as the original. Filmed on an island villa in Fiji, a group of six women and five men attempt to form friendships and relationships among their fellow cast members.

According to a press release courtesy of CBS, the Islanders must "couple-up" every few days or "risk being dumped from the island." That said, the task may not be as easy as you might think. As one contestant leaves, a new one arrives. And of course, new alliances form — whether you like it or not. Meanwhile, CBS gives fans the opportunity to get involved with the show, as they "have the opportunity to shape events on screen and ultimately crown one lucky couple the winner who will then have the chance to walk away with both love and the cash prize."

Regardless of what happens, the CBS reality show promises fans one hot summer that is unlike any other. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, ITV America chief creative officer and executive producer, David Eilenberg, revealed that Love Island's "communal experience" will help the show stand out from fan-favorites like Bachelor in Paradise. He said:

The nice thing about Love Island is it really is happening 24/7 during the airing window. A big differentiator from other U.S. reality shows is that each episode has not been in the can for six months. People want to feel that sense of urgency and immediacy. Younger viewers, especially, can smell it if a show has been in the can for a long time. So as much as it's an incredibly exhausting undertaking from the production side, it's worth it to get that sense that the show is happening in real life as you're watching it.

Although CBS' Love Island isn't quite as long as the UK version, it's still a huge commitment for American standards. But to be completely honest, I can practically taste the drama that's about to go down and I'm so ready to pledge my summer to the new reality series. Are you?

Season 1 of Love Island airs weeknights starting Tuesday, Jul. 9 on CBS.