Season 1 Of 'Sweet Home Sextuplets' Could Have Been Longer TBH

Whether you’re obsessed with babies or watch shows like Sweet Home Sextuplets as a form of birth control, you can't deny how engrossing it is to watch docuseries about families like the Waldrops. In the first season alone, viewers got to follow their story from being pregnant with Alabama's first sextuplets in seven years to Courtney and Eric’s life at home with six babies and three other kids. But if you’re wondering how many episodes Season 1 of Sweet Home Sextuplets was, you probably aren't alone. It seemed awfully short, even by cable TV standards, but that’s typical for some TLC shows.

Season 1 was exactly six episodes, which was nowhere near enough for some fans, especially for those who got attached to the Waldrops in that short time. But successful shows on TLC have had similarly short first seasons, only to go on and have longer seasons later on as well as long shelf lives on the network. Season 1 of OutDaughtered, which is about the Busby family and their quintuplet daughters, had just four episodes. Its second season had 10, which was a huge improvement and could be the case for Sweet Home Sextuplets if it gets a Season 2. Counting On Season 1 only had three episodes, while Season 2 had eight, so it's definitely not out of the ordinary for shows on TLC to have fragmented seasons.

It does make you wonder what the future of Sweet Home Sextuplets will be. TLC hasn't announced its cancellation or renewal, so the show’s fate is up in the air right now. But just because Season 1 had six episodes, that’s no real indicator of its future. Season 2 could be double the size of Season 1 if viewership numbers are any indication. The series premiere brought in 1.4 million viewers, which is fairly high, given that Lifetime’s Married at First Sight didn’t even make the 900,000 cut that same evening.

The episodes in the weeks that followed stayed around the one million viewer mark, so if that’s the deciding factor in TLC bringing Sweet Home Sextuplets back for an extended second season, I’d say there’s a good chance. And it’s always a good sign when there’s been no official cancellation either.

So far on Sweet Home Sextuplets, Eric and Courtney have been the patient and kind parents who I sort of wish would adopt me as their 30-year-old overgrown tenth baby. Like other similar shows on TLC, the Waldrops have shown a different kind of family life, which is probably why it’s on "the learning channel" after all. But what makes their family dynamic so unique is that they were the first family in years to have sextuplets in their home state of Alabama, let alone their small town. Eric owns his own landscaping business and Courtney used to be a teacher, so they’re definitely relatable, which adds to their charm. They just have nine kids to take care of, whereas I’m still struggling to get my 5-year-old to let me use the bathroom in peace.

A longer second season could mean a closer look at the Waldrops’ life as a family and more time spent with the babies as they grow. It’s still not clear yet if there will be a Season 2, but hopefully if it comes, it will be longer than the first. In a way, it’s almost poetic that there were six episodes and six babies to introduce to the world in the first season. But in another way, I just want more of those babies on my TV and six episodes is hardly enough.