John P. Johnson/HBO

How Many Golden Globe Nominations Did 'Westworld' Get? Not Enough

It's no surprise that HBO has become accustomed to dominating every award season sinc ealways, and with it's critically acclaimed and cultural smash-hit Westworld, everyone is expecting it to pick up Golden Globe nominations in nearly every category. So how many Golden Globe nominations did Westworld get? It turns out, not as many as you would expect.

Westworld premiered in the fall of this year and was billed as the "next Game of Thrones." That's a lot of hype and a high standard to live up to, but Westworld did not disappoint. Its produced ratings that rivaled its most prestigious of contemporary shows, not to mention it launched a feverish online Reddit movement dedicated to theorizing and predicting the show's twists and turns before they happened (and was successful and ferreting out a lot of them). The show's superior writing, directing, acting, and sheer production was enough to create plenty of anticipation about how many awards it was going to take home. Then again, in the world we live in, often called "The Golden Age of Television," there's so much competition that it's getting harder and harder to truly standout. While I might wish that Westworld had been nominated for more, it's hard to fault the other nominees.

All told, Westworld managed to snag three nominations at the Golden Globes 2016. Thandie Newton was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, Evan Rachel Wood was nominated for Best Lead Actress, and the show itself was nominated for Best Television Series Drama against heavyweight contenders like The Crown, Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and This Is Us. While all of these nominations are certainly well deserved, I still have to wonder why Westworld didn't get more of them. Why, oh why, for example, was there no nomination for Anthony Hopkins or Jeffrey Wright? These two men carried a lot of the emotional weight of the show, and their nuanced performances were essential to the final reveals.

Those particular snubs weren't lost on Westworld fans, either. Many took to Twitter to voice their dissapointment because, well, three Golden Globes nominations just isn't enough, you guys.

Of course, we must all remember that assessing the value of an artistic performance is essentially a subjective activity, and perhaps the people in charge of the Golden Globes didn't think Westworld was as incredible as the rest of us did. Plus, it still managed to snag three high-profile nominations, which is nice. But still, it felt like there were more nominations to be had, and the show was essentiall snubbed. Oh well, there's always next season.