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Here's What Chrissy Teigen Has To Say About Baby #3

Oh to have the life of Chrissy Teigen. The Lip Sync Battle host and model is a mom, a cookbook author, and the adored wife of Grammy award-winning singer John Legend. She's expecting her second baby, has a pile of amazing friends and, if social media is to be believed, spends most days getting into harebrained schemes like a modern-day Lucille Ball. The girl is leading the life of Riley... but she's not going to rest on her laurels any time soon. Apparently Teigen wants more kids, and is even talking about baby number three already even though she hasn't had the second baby yet.

Teigen is expecting a baby boy later this year, a little brother for her 2-year-old daughter Luna, and apparently fully enjoying her pregnancy. So much so that she's already making some plans for the future, as she told Us Weekly. The model apparently wants to have babies "back to back" and then focus on getting back in shape after she's done birthing babies completely. It's actually a pretty brilliant plan when you think about it. I mean, who wants to deal with all of that dieting and exercise between kids if they can totally avoid it?

As Teigen told Us Weekly, she's considering waiting to "get hot:"

I think I do want to have another baby after this and then get hot. I just want to go babies, back to back to back, but then I think maybe I want to have my 30s, really live in my 30s and not just be pregnant throughout them.

It's obviously probably not possible for the Sports Illustrated model to take a break from being "hot," but I totally get where she's coming from. Giving birth to humans is hard on your body, and would be more so if you happened to feel pressured to get back in shape between each baby. And Teigen could feel pressured to get back in model shape, which is way harder than getting back in shape to be seen at Target or something.

For Teigen and Legend, there's another pressing issue that might have them thinking of having another baby in the near future; the couple have struggled with fertility issues. They used IVF treatments to get pregnant with both Luna, who was born in April 2016, and their second child. And going through the treatments can be tough, as Teigen told Cosmo last July:

A lot of stuff's about to come. We're going to try to have a child. This is for us to try to get in the zone of 'let's travel, let's be away together, let's see our closest friends,' and then we're going to have to do something super hard, which is the IVF process, all over again.

The 32-year-old Cravings author admits she has another reason for wanting to have another baby right away, as she told Us Weekly:

I just want to go babies, back to back to back, but then I think maybe I want to have my 30s, really live in my 30s and not just be pregnant throughout them.

As we wait to find out if Teigen will have another baby, there remains this pregnancy to get through... and a name to choose. Teigen has yet to decide on a name for her son, as she admitted in that same interview with Us Weekly:

We are doing horribly. We didn’t even pick out Luna’s name until three days in the hospital when they told me I’d have to go down to the courthouse and I didn’t want to go down there after I had just given birth. But it’s tough for boy names. It’s harder. I have an arsenal of girl names, but between John and I, we feel that we know somebody with every name that we try and pick out.

Whatever Teigen does in the future as a mom, whether she gives her baby a regular person name or something really out there, whether she has one more baby or five, gets in shape or just doesn't bother, one thing is certain... we'll all be here for it. Because that girl is pure entertainment.

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