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Please Enjoy These Sweet Photos Of Kevin Jonas With His Adorable Daughters

The Jonas Brothers are back. On Friday, the band (of brothers) released their first single in six years, according to Rolling Stone, which is an incredibly long time. So much time, in fact, that some (new) fans might not be too clued in about the brothers and their lives at home. So, some people might be surprised to know that oldest brother, Kevin Jonas, has a wife and two kids. And if people were wondering — how many kids does Kevin Jonas have? The answer might be a little surprising because the Jonas Brothers really are all grown up.

All die hard fans know that Kevin Jonas is the oldest brother and therefore the oldest person in the band. And while his younger brothers, Joe, Nick, and Frankie Jonas (also known as the Bonus Jonas) might have won over the hearts of fans, Kevin was always in a league of his own. At just 31 years old, the guitarist for the Jonas Brothers has already started a family.

In 2009, Kevin and his wife, Danielle, got married after dating for two years. And this really started their life together. Just 10 years later and one E! reality show later, the couple has two daughters together.

And here is the low down on their super adorable kids.

Alena Rose, 5 Years Old

In Feb. 2014, Danielle gave birth to their first child, daughter Alena Rose. Danielle had a natural birth, according to FitPregnancy, and was struggling to "find a rhythm" when it came to breastfeeding. But Danielle overcame these things within a matter of time — and a few months later, in May of that year, Kevin told Parade that becoming parents had changed their lives in so many ways.

Kevin said:

We're working together in a different way. Now we have a different kind of bond and we have something that really represents our relationship — it's more than just rings on our fingers. We created this beautiful life together.

And this passion for parenting and being a dad could not be more apparent through his Instagram, where he shares the cutest photos of himself with Alena. You can tell he is such a devoting, loving father.

They are so adorable together.

Valentina Angelina, 2 Years Old

In Nov. 2016, Danielle gave birth to the couple's second child, daughter Valentina, according to Us Weekly, and the couple could not have been any happier to announce the news on their Instagram accounts.

Instagram is the same place where Kevin has shared the cutest photos of him and his family of four, together. And fans seriously can't get enough of how cute they are. I mean, just look at them.

Although Kevin might have been used to growing up in a house full of boys (and brothers), he told People in 2016 that he loves having a house full of girls — especially since his two daughters get along so well. But that didn't make it any less hard for the parents to get used to having two young kids in their household. Danielle told People in Dec. 2016:

It's been definitely crazy and a learning curve. It feels like you have five kids when you have two because you're juggling. But [Alena's] very, very good.

Now that the Jonas Brothers are officially back, hopefully this means that they will have a lot more to say about their families. Let's be real, Kevin's family is so stinkin' cute and I would love to hear him talk more about his adorable daughters.