Here's How Mercury Retrograde Ending Affects Your Kids

I don't know about your offspring, but my kids seemed different this morning. They looked the same, sure, but I was surprised to have fewer fights and better listeners at our breakfast table. Then I looked at the calendar and realized I should probably thank my lucky stars for their improved behavior. Why? Because Mercury finally left retrograde August 19, 2018. I was witnessing how Mercury retrograde ending affects kids. THANK YOU, UNIVERSE.

Get ready for an easier mom life, my friends, because Mercury retrograde ending means things are about to significantly improve on the home front. Astrology King explains that astrologically speaking Mercury controls all things related to communication, technology, traveling, and business transactions. So when Mercury is in retrograde, or appears to travel backwards in the sky, those areas of your life can become discombobulated. For your kids that can mean toddler tantrums, their electronic devices not working, and more difficulty transitioning during any small, or large, life-changes.

According to Astrology Zone, when Mercury gets it's act together and starts traveling on a forward path — called Mercury direct — you can plan on experiencing better communication, easier transitions, and less conflict in your relationships. For kids, this might mean having better communication skills — using their words and listening to you for a change — and an easier time trying new things, like going back to school or starting a school year for the very first time.

If the last three weeks have just seemed off or full of conflict, miscommunication, and silly mistakes, you probably aren't alone. According to Astrology Zone, Mercury has been retrograde for some time. On August 19, 2018, Mercury turned back around and start headed in the right direction, and it's bound to make a huge difference for you and your kids.

Astrology Zone explains that Mercury is the planet that controls all things related to communication, technology, traveling, and business. So when it's in retrograde those specific areas of a person's life can suffer. Now that the planet is heading forward again, however, you might finally be able to effectively communicate with the people around you... your kids included. So, if you notice that your kids suddenly seem better able to use their words to ask for what they need, or are actually listening to what you have to say, chances are they're being positively impacted by Mercury's forward movement.

Astro Style explains Mercury, as a planet of communication, rules online and digital communication, too. Because data can be at risk during Mercury retrograde, now might be a great time to review internet safety rules with your kids and change any passwords that have been largely ignored. It might also mean you can feel a tad more at ease when allowing your kids to enjoy a little playtime on your phone, laptop, or tablet.

According to Astrology Zone, Mercury retrograde brought with it an increased risk of tantrums, accidents, and short tempers. During this period moms have probably found themselves struggling to find the patience and the flexibility that allows them to endure so much conflict and turmoil. Mercury direct, in contrast, will likely calm things down and return harmony to your relationships and your life in general. So if you previously gave up on potty-training or sleep-training now might be the time to try again.

Because Mercury retrograde also affects traveling, your summer vacations might have been full of delays, detours, and crabby kids. Now that Mercury is back on it's direct path around the sun, you can go ahead and plan a trip during Labor Day weekend and enjoy some smoother sailing — or at least a better family road trip or flight experience than you previously endured.

Astrology King explains that how Mercury retrograde impacts a person depends a lot on what time of year and which sign on the Zodiac the planet is traveling in. According to the same site, this latest period of Mercury retrograde was in Leo the whole time. This means people may have had short tempers, arrogance, and a ton of nervous energy. For your kids, that probably meant fighting about every little thing, but it also might have caused some unexpected or unexplained anxiety.

Now that Mercury is traveling on a forward path in Leo, you can look forward to the positive aspects of that sign of the Zodiac coming out in your kids — think confident, brave lions having fun being creative and exploring.

According to, astrologers believe that planets in retrograde can impact everyone, but especially those people born under certain signs. Since this retrograde happened in Leo, you might notice a more dramatic change in your kids if they were born under that sign.

For us moms, Mercury direct can mean an easier time at home and the ability to finally get some sh*t done you've been putting off. At least until the next time Mercury goes into retrograde November 16 to December 6, just in time for Thanksgiving, that is.