How Much Can I Sell My Breast Milk For?

If you are a lactating lady who wants to earn a little extra cash, here’s a side business you might not know about: selling breast milk. Yes, it was only a matter of time before the laws of supply and demand — and the handiness of outsourcing — showed up in the world of breastfeeding babies. And when you are blessed with a surplus of the stuff, it’s only natural to wonder how much money can I sell my breast milk for? Because if you’re just going to pump and dump anyway, it’s a great way to make use of milk that would otherwise go to waste.

Because there are plenty of mothers who want to feed their babies the home-pumped stuff, but for whatever reason are unable to breastfeed them at the moment, there is definitely a market for this milk. When you sell your breastmilk, you’re helping another mother care for her baby in the way that she wants, so you’re providing her with a valuable service. Furthermore, you get to earn a bit of cash in the process. Everyone wins! So while you may not be able to make a living as a modern-day wet nurse, the potential amount of money generated by selling breast milk might surprise you.

Open Market

If you want to name your own price, then this site is for you. Only The Breast is a site that allows breastfeeding moms to sell their breastmilk, and it operates in a classified ad format (think Craigslist). You can decide how much to charge; a quick perusal of the ads reveals prices ranging from about $1.00 to $3.50 per ounce. As Breastfeeding USA explained, breastfeeding moms may produce around 30 ounces of milk at their peak production time. So back-of-the envelope numbers: you could feasibly produce $30 to $105 worth of milk each day. Of course the real numbers will vary based on what you decide to charge buyers and how much milk you can afford to give away on a daily basis. In general, however, there is the potential to make some rather serious cash from this endeavor.

Milk Banks

Although you may associate milk banks with donations only, some will pay you for that liquid gold. For instance, the Mother's Milk Cooperative will pay its "Milk Money" participants $1.00 per ounce of milk supplied. Donors also fill out a medical questionnaire and provide a blood test to ensure the safety of their donation. As long as your milk passes the health requirements, you are more or less guaranteed income from this endeavor. At peak production time, you may produce about $30 worth of milk per day. Overall, if you're curious about selling your breast milk, find out which of these options works best for your situation. After all, most new moms are happy to have a little extra cash on hand to care for their (sometimes surprisingly) expensive newborns.