Rick Rowell/ABC

Zero G Is Not A Cheap 'Bachelor' Date

The Bachelor is known to give its contestants the most unique dates that seem almost impossible for regular people. Honestly, some of the things these men and women get to experience are almost once in a lifetime activities, much like the Zero G date Nick and Vanessa went on for their first date. So, how much does it cost to do Zero G? The Bachelor gave Nick and Vanessa the opportunity to go on a truly unique, if super expensive, date. The official Zero-G Experience costs $4,950 plus 5 percent tax per flyer, which is a total of $5,197.50 each. So yeah, ABC spared to expense with this one.

For those who want to experience some of the Zero-G Experience, but not pay that $5,000 or so to actually fly, there are a couple of observer options. First, there is the Non-Flyer Guest Package for $195, which includes the orientation and the ability to see their loved one off and welcome them back to the ground. Or, for $120, patrons can spend five hours at the Weightless Workshop, where they'll enjoy refreshments as they learn about all of the science that goes into the Zero-G flights. It's not exactly as exciting as the actual flight, but there are options for those who are a little too terrified at the thought of shooting into the air and then nose-diving down.

For Vanessa's first one-on-one date on The Bachelor, she and Nick got to experience the actual Zero-G flight, and it was kind of amazing. It's also something that isn't for everyone and as much as Vanessa loved being weightless with the Bachelor, she also succumbed to some gnarly motion sickness that resulted in a couple of bags' worth of vomit. On the official website for the Zero-G flights, it says that "It is very unlikely that you will experience motion discomfort" and "very few people experience uneasiness or nausea during the flight," but they also offer pre-flight training to give flyers the tools to keep themselves from getting sick during their flights.

It costs upwards of $5,000 for each flyer to experience Zero-G and while that means a date would cost more than $10,000, it's also a totally unique experience and for Nick and Vanessa, it set the tone for the beginning of their "relationship" on The Bachelor. And even though the flight ended with Vanessa throwing up in front of the guy she's trying to win over, it was a near perfect first date for them.