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How Much Does Westworld Cost? This Fan Got An Estimate & It's Basically A Small Fortune

by Chrissy Bobic

Once you've sort of gotten over the awe of the robot hosts of the new HBO show, Westworld, it's not hard to start thinking about the actual premise of the series. Westworld is a gigantic amusement park, built to mirror the legitimate Old West, and its hosts are all advanced robots there to pleasure you, duel with you, or act out their own story lines. As a paying human going into the park though, how much does Westworld cost? To be clothed in the traditional garb, stay for a week or so at a hotel in the resort, and be able to play along properly, it can't be cheap, right?

Luckily, the website for Westworld is totally interactive and offers fans the chance to chat with "host" Aeden about the amusement park and find out more information about the different types of adventures to take on. I.e., at one point the bot asks if you're going to Westworld for lust or power, or if you want to be a hero or run around catching bandits.

Redditor Autobrot found how much a typical week at Westworld would cost by putting in their e-mail and filling out a questionnaire that was e-mailed to them in order to find out how much their trip could run them. Upon entering your e-mail address to receive the questionnaire, you'll first receive an e-mail that says you're "under consideration" and "should you be deemed eligible for this exclusive experience, one of our hosts will be in touch." So yeah, it's about as extravagant as you'd expect.

To stay at Westworld, it would cost about $1,562,000 for one person for one week. Now, this does include lodging and clothing and some money to get the player started but once they spend their money for the game, they have to find a way to make more, by honest means, gambling, or by stealing it of course. It's the way of the West, right?

But let's break this down for a minute here. A big chunk of how much Westworld costs depends on the length of stay which, for the gold package, is $200,000 a day right off the bat. Then, there are some seemingly routine fees like concierge and maintenance fees, but then it gets a little bit crazier. Like the $14,000 for biometric monitoring? But this probably refers to being able to keep track of the health of each guest in Westworld, which is good since the place is bigger than several Disneylands put together and there are tons of guests and hosts running around shooting each other.

The guest insurance fee of $22,000 is, again, an insane cost that isn't even part of the hotel or park fee, but probably plenty necessary for a place like Westworld. While the hosts are programmed to be unable to harm any living thing, there are plenty of dangers in Westworld that guests could come into contact otherwise, including with each other.

The cost of staying in Westworld might seem pretty extreme, but we also have to consider the fact that this is clearly several decades, if not hundreds of years, into the future. Inflation could play a big role here, meaning that yes, even in the future, a week-long stay for one that runs you more than $1 million is extreme, but maybe not as extreme as it would be today.

There are also the different packages to consider. The one estimated to Autobrot includes the gold package and is for one person. There might be lower or higher standard packages that include more or less, and there is the matter of the length of stay and if you bring children or not. As with any vacation, all of these variables will change the outlined costs.

How much it costs to visit Westworld depends on numerous things, including the number of guests and length of stay, but no matter what, it's going to be a pretty penny. Then again, it's a small price to pay to let all of your inhibitions go and spend a week truly role playing, right? There's just the matter of avoiding that pesky Man in Black and hoping that you don't come in contact with one of those defective hosts.