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Corinne's Business Seems Extremely Successful

Tensions are definitely rising between Bachelor Season 21's resident "bad girl" Corinne Olympios and the other contestants vying for Nick Viall's heart. In the most recent episode which aired on Jan. 23, Corinne had her most intense confrontation yet with Taylor Nolan, the mental health counselor who "diagnosed" Corinne with low emotional intelligence (much to Corinne's anger). Corinne, who felt she was being called stupid by Taylor, countered by explaining that she runs a multi-million dollar company, something that she's mentioned before on the show. But how much is Corinne's business worth? The value of Corinne's family company doesn't really have anything to do with how intelligent she is, but it's worth considering.

Though Corinne has brought up her business owner background quite frequently, she's yet to actually confirm what the company is (or what precisely it does). The best guess, as other Romper writers have deduced, is that she runs ArmorGarage, a flooring and epoxy coating company based in the Miami area. This seems likely, given that the business' owner is listed as James Olympios and Corinne's father is referred to as "Jimmy" in various comments on her older Instagram photos. As Corinne explained in her intro segment, her father owns and founded their family company and she is being primed to take it over.

Assuming ArmorGarage is the company, it's clear that Corinne runs (or co-runs) a business that's at least moderately successful. According to their website, ArmorGarage's products "are used and approved by all branches of the US Military, Fortune 500 Companies, US Coast Guard, workshops and homeowners worldwide." But information about the company's precise value isn't publicly available, given that it's privately owned — the Limited Liability Company was formed in Florida back in 2007.

There are several websites that provide information about private companies' estimate net worths, but the information listed about ArmorGarage isn't consistent among them and it's unverifiable. For example, GovTribes lists ArmorGarage's size as $3,000,000 revenue with six employees. Credibility.com, meanwhile, has their revenue at $360,000 and their employee count at four. FindTheCompany estimates "$489,730 in yearly revenue and eight employees," and Manta's current estimates hold an annual revenue of $530,000 and a staff of eight.

While the exact worth of Corinne's "multi-million dollar company" is up for debate, one thing is for sure: the business definitely exists, and Corinne has some hand in running it.