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Karen Huger's House Cost The 'RHOP' Star A Pretty Penny

On The Real Housewives of Potomac, Karen Huger tends to drive most of the drama. Recently, there's been a lot of talk surrounding her home and its sale. So how much is Karen Huger's house actually worth and where is she going to move to now? The Huger's listed their home way back in 2014 and it sat on the market for a few years at $2.2 million until they dropped the listing price to $1.7 million, which it appears they got from the buyers, in cash. Karen loved that home, but a lot of viewers always took issue with the fact that the kitchen was a little, well, old school. It's likely that they had to lower the asking price since whoever bought it would have to renovate anyway.

But it sold, at least, which is good news. And now the Huger's are looking for something a little more manageable. According to the Grand Dame, they were paying a $10,000 mortgage on that home. With their son in school full-time now, they don't need all that space.

While the ladies were in Bermuda earlier this month, Raymond packed up the house and moved himself and Karen into their new Great Falls home. But just because she's not in Potomac doesn't mean she won't be on the show — although the other women do have some snarky things to say about the move.

Karen doesn't seem to feel too bad that her husband had do the heavy lifting. She told Bravo:

Things moved much quicker than we had anticipated and Ray got stuck with the hardest part. I did struggle with the notion of selling my home that we lived in for 20 years and raised my children, but it is all working out. The area that I am in is very nice but I do miss some things.

But she has a good attitude about it. "With all new journeys, you find what you're looking for and it's a fun adventure!," she said. And she's closer to her parents, which is important to both her and her husband. The women are not having it, though.

They told Karen that she has been "dethroned" as the Grand Dame of the Potomac now that she's in Great Falls. But Karen believes that the title wasn't about the"locality" but about her attitude. We have to admit — she has a point.

It's a good thing that they finally sold the house, since it seemed to be hanging over both Karen and Raymond's heads. And her Potomac crew will eventually get used to not having her around all the time. Hopefully.