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Here's How Much Those Pretty Super Bowl Rings Cost The NFL Each Year

Last week, the New England Patriots revealed their Super Bowl LIII Championship ring, and to say it’s a statement piece is a true understatement. But how much is the actual Super Bowl 2019 ring worth? Jostens, the jewelry company which has made 34 of the 53 rings, stated on their site that it’s the largest one ever made, which means it must've set someone back a pretty penny.

It's hard to calculate exactly how much the stunner costs. The National Football League (NFL) usually pays for 150 championship rings, which go to players, coaches, executives, and others, according to Fox Business. The site stated that each set of Super Bowl rings is estimated at about $5 million, so it would roughly calculate to costing upwards of $33,000 per ring, but that number could go up or down greatly depending on the detailing and additional gems that the ring sports. While the exact dollar amounts are never specifically revealed, ESPN stated that the Patriots' 2015 Super Bowl ring was valued at $36,500. That might seem like a big chunk of change for just one piece of jewelry, but when you discover how many diamonds and other jewels the ring has, it’ll soon make sense.

Here's just how snazzy this year's championship jewelry is: It boasts 416 round diamonds and six marquise-cut diamonds, weighing in at an impressive 8.25 carats. But it doesn’t end there. There are 20 blue sapphires weighing 1.60 carats, which are representative of the Patriots 20 AFC East Division championships. So in total, the actual gem weight amounts to just under 10 carats, at 9.85 carats, according to Josten.

At the top of the ring, the Patriots logo appears in a “custom-cut red and blue stone,” stated Jostens. 38 diamonds encompass the logo with an additional diamond set in the star to represent this year's win along with two NFL records attained by the Patriots. The logo rests on top of six Lombardi trophies, set with 123 diamonds, and each one has a marquise-cut diamond.

On the inside, there is an engraved inscription of the team’s motto: “We are all Patriots" (a quote from Robert Kraft, the team’s owner), while the side of the ring reads “Still Here”. The words “WORLD CHAMPIONS” are featured on both sides of the ring top, with 76 diamonds encircling the edges. The name of each player is located on the left side of the ring, along with his uniform number which, natch, is written in diamonds. And the trophies featured on top have an additional 108 pave-set diamonds surrounding them. This signifies the number of practices the team had in 2018. In short, every single diamond or stone on the ring has a significance to the team.

While there’s no official word on how much the Super Bowl LIII ring costs, fans can get their own piece of Super Bowl memorabilia on the Josten’s site, which is selling its own Super Bowl LIII Champion New England Patriots jewelry collection. Prices range from $29 for a beaded bracelet to $650 for the Elite Fashion Ring, which is a simplified version of the real deal. You can even snag an Elite Ring (starting at $999) or get your favorite Patiots fan a set of the more modestly priced Championship Cufflinks (starting at $299). Either way, it’s most definitely an upgrade from your own high school ring.

And it's safe to say that the players clearly approved of their new rings as well. The smiles on their faces as they opened the boxes to reveal their reward surely said it all, as this video from the team's twitter account shows. We're totally blind from all the bling.