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How New Moms Can Get The Energy To Have Sex, If They Want It

It's no secret that new moms are tired. But acknowledging it doesn't make things any easier, especially when it affects other parts of your life. You probably haven't been able to make it through a movie since your child was born and, let's be honest, it doesn't matter how much you want to have sex and break that six week drought, you're exhausted. But knowing how new moms can get the energy to have sex will not only make you feel better (I mean, hello, sex usually puts a bright note in your day), but it can also take away some of those issues you may be feeling with your partner right now.

According to Parents, sex after becoming a mom can be even better than before. The magazine noted that sharing the experiences of new parenthood with your partner can make both of you desire each other more than ever before and want to be intimate and close to one another. It makes sense, but when you're exhausted, how are you supposed to find that time?

March of Dimes noted that new mom fatigue is very normal, but it can be overwhelming and can suck the joy out of a lot of things in you life, including sex. To combat that exhaustion and get the energy to have sex, these tips are a must for your list. Because not only will sex make you and your SO feel great, but what's better than an orgasm-induced sleep?


Eat Smarter

Hey, might as well start as soon as you wake up, right? Skip the Pop-Tarts or sugary cereals. I know they're easy and I know they're right there, but you'll thank me later. According to CNN, eating protein is a great way to boost your energy, so do a little meal planning. Keep hard-boiled eggs ready to go in the fridge or have prep some chicken to take to lunch each day. Eating right is a really simple way to help your energy and it will make you feel great all day long.


Make Time To Exercise

I know. You're exhausted. So hopping on a treadmill to combat fatigue makes no sense. But the Mayo Clinic noted that regular, moderate exercise can boost your energy levels because exercise delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues, making your cardiovascular system even more efficient. Also, wouldn't it be nice to get it on with improved health? Thought so. Use your baby's nap to hit the treadmill or take them for a walk in the stroller instead of napping or chugging down caffeinated drinks. You'll be surprised at what a difference those choices make when you're alone with your SO.


Take A Power Nap

Naps are great, but a three hour nap may mess up your sleep patterns even more. The National Sleep Foundation recommended a short power nap, between 20 to 30 minutes, to help you feel more alert without any of the grogginess associated with longer naps. The struggle is real, but set an alarm so you're only getting enough rest to hep you make it to sexy time, then you can pass back out.


Chug Some Water

When's the last time you had a glass of water? Thought so. Make sure you're chugging plenty of the good stuff to help you regain some energy. According to Women's Health, fatigue is one of the big symptoms of dehydration. So make sure you're getting enough water throughout the day so you can make it to when your partner sees you.


Have Sex First Thing In The Morning

I'm a morning person, especially as a parent. Once 8 p.m. rolls around, I'm out for the count. I can't work, I barely have the energy to finish folding laundry, and I'm just done. But once you're already awake in the morning, you've probably got more energy than you'll have at bedtime. Take advantage of it and get it on in the morning. Women's Health noted that not only will testosterone levels be higher, meaning you and your SO are at your peak, but you can also take it slow and use comfy positions like spooning since you're just waking up. There's no rules and it can be a great start to your morning, too.


Soak Up Some Sun

If the sun's out, wake up and head to your backyard. Not only will you soak up lots of vitamin D with the sun, but it can also help you get up and moving for the day as it helps reset your body's natural rhythm according to Everyday Health. Instead of feeling groggy on just a few hours of sleep, trick your body into thinking it's well-rested and got plenty of shut-eye by resetting your internal clock with some sunshine.


Let The Laundry Pile Up

You want to make sex a priority, so treat it like one when you know you want to save your energy. Leave the laundry, the dishes can wait, and wait to binge on Netflix next weekend. When you and your SO have some alone time, jump on it and ignore everything else.