How Often Should You Have Sex When Pregnant?

There are a lot of rules to follow when it comes to sex and pregnancy. Sex to get pregnant, for example, often takes more than just unprotected sex a few times a week. Sex after pregnancy? That can completely change. But what are the rules for sex during pregnancy? You already know it's OK, but how often should you have sex when pregnant?

Although there are a million strict rules about what you can and can't do during pregnancy, sex during pregnancy doesn't have many. It differs for everyone. Parents notes that many women are often too tired and too sick during the first trimester of pregnancy to enjoy sex, but by the second trimester, they're ready to hit the sheets. As your pregnancy progresses (and the morning sickness lightens up), sex may be all you can think about. Not only are the hormones doing a number on your libido, but all of the extra blood flow from pregnancy can actually make your vulva and clitoris engorged and extra-sensitive according to What to Expect. You may be super turned on and orgasm more easily than you did pre-pregnancy.

Add in all of the benefits of sex during pregnancy, like improving your body's circulation and reducing your risk of pre-eclampsia, and of course you're ready to schedule some sex while you're pregnant. But how often should you have it?

It's simple. Have sex while you're pregnant as often as you want. The Mayo Clinic notes that as long as your pregnancy is proceeding normally and your doctor hasn't put you on pelvic or bed rest, you're free to enjoy as much as sex as you want, as often as you want.

But remember, every woman is different and so is every pregnancy. You may find yourself ready to get intimate with your partner several times a day, or you may be thinking that sex won't happen again until your kid hits middle school. All totally normal. As long as you're happy and comfortable, that's what matters. But don't let pregnancy deter you from sex if you want it. If your doctor says your pregnancy is healthy and normal, feel free to get it on all day every day. (You're not going to get much sleep here soon anyway, might as well take advantage of your free time.)