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It Turns Out Leida & Eric's Daughter On '90 Day Fiance' Are Pretty Close In Age

One of the most interesting couples on this season of 90 Day Fiancé is Eric from Baraboo, Wisconsin and Leida from Jakarta, Indonesia. People of varying ages have starred in the reality show, but Leida has a pretty young appearance — and it looks like there is a big difference between she and Eric. So, fans of the show may be wondering: How old is 90 Day Fiance's Leida?

When Leida and Eric started appearing on the reality show earlier this year, Leida was 29 years old, and Eric was 40 years old, according to a TLC press release at the time. Only a few months have passed since then, so Leida is either still 29 or has since turned 30. Interestingly, Eric has three daughters, whom he shares with his ex-wife: Taneil, 21; Natasha (aka Tasha) 19; and Jeneka, 11. If you haven't done the calculations yet, that means that Leida is about as far apart in age from Eric's kids as she is from Eric himself.

Perhaps Leida and Tasha's closeness in age is one reason why they butted heads so much all season. As soon as Leida stepped foot in the apartment that Eric and Tasha shared during the first episode of 90 Day Fiancé this season, Leida was disgusted by the mess — which Eric told her Tasha was responsible for.

Eric's daughters have continued to be a point of contention for Leida all season long. On multiple occasions, Leida has told Eric that she does not want him paying child support to his ex-wife for their youngest daughter, Jeneka. "I don't get money from my previous husband for the child support," Leida said on camera. "So it doesn't make any sense to me for Eric to be sending money every month, so this thing needs to stop." Leida has a 5-year-old son, Alessandro, who also lives in the apartment. In Sunday's episode, when Leida told Eric she wanted him to give up his parental rights so that he can stop paying child support, Eric got very upset and made it clear that he has no intention to forgo his rights.

Additionally, Leida has expressed that she does not want Tasha living with her, Eric, and Alessandro. In a recent episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Leida tried to kick Tasha out of the apartment. Tasha told Leida that she is on the lease (Leida is not), so she will not be leaving until one of her applications to move into a new apartment is approved. "She may want me out today, but that's not happening," Tasha said on the show.

And in another recent episode, Eric questioned Leida's love for him after she all but admitted that getting American citizenship was more important to her than being with Eric. "I feel like I'm forcing myself to get married with you because I don't want to leave this country 'cause I have a lot of opportunity to pursue my medical career here," she told him. The conversation almost resulted in a breakup, but later in the episode, Eric wound up siding with Leida on one issue regarding his kids — he supported her in asking Tasha to move out.

Leida has asked a lot of Eric since she got to the United States — perhaps as part of culture shock, since her family and lifestyle in Jakarta was much more lavish than Eric's in Baraboo. Hopefully next week's episode will show the couple in a stronger place.

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