Yes, You Can Get Fingered Postpartum

by Tessa Shull

After a baby, many moms think that postpartum life automatically means low sex drive or little desire to be physical. Although this is true in some cases, it’s not that way for every new mom. There are many women who want to resume into their sex life not long after giving birth. And if you’re one of them, you may be wondering how soon can I get fingered after birth.

As a lot of moms have been told, or will learn postpartum, doctors generally tell you to wait four to six weeks before resuming sex or penetration of any sort. This includes fingers. According to Baby Centre, you need to wait because you're losing lochia as your uterus heals, and penetration before the bleeding halts could quickly lead to an infection. So, as a result, the general wait time before penetration, including fingering, is four to six weeks or when your doctor’s given you approval.

But don't get bummed out just yet, as there are still several other ways to get physical and enjoy yourself after birth. If you reach a point during the waiting period where you want to be intimate, a safer option includes external play to reach orgasm. Unless you’re dealing with complications and need to speak with your doctor first, orgasm and external play is generally safe around a week after birth, according to Trimester Talks.

After the waiting period is over, however, fingering is actually a good way to ease back into sex and penetration. Because even once you’ve gotten the doctor’s OK and have reached a stage where you’re comfortable with penetration, it’s smart to start out slow. Luckily, starting with getting fingered is one of those safer options to see how you feel down there. Additionally, you might want to try a few of these postpartum sex positions that may be more enjoyable and a little more comfortable when easing back into sex again.