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Here's How Thin The New iPhones Are

Lighter, faster, thinner: Three words any Apple fan happily associates with every single new Apple product release. The latest iPhones are no different, and at the iPhone event at the Steve Jobs Theater at the new Apple Park in Cupertino, California, the 10th anniversary of the iPhone couldn't have been more exciting. There are so many awesome new features and updates to the iPhone we've come to know and love over the last decade, but the latest iPhones are even more of a trailblazer when it comes to an insanely sleek design. Just how thin is the iPhone 8?

First, and most important from the Apple Special Event is that Apple is releasing three new iPhones: The iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X. Each has slight differences in size and pretty powerful differences in features and hardware. But when it comes to picking up any of these iPhones in your hand, how's it going to feel? Crazy light, and amazingly comfortable — which is exactly what you'd expect from Apple. Nobody wants to lug around a bulky phone, so Apple has once again delivered on the slimness that we practically take for granted at this point. Here are the iPhone measurements for each new model.

iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is the next major update to the iPhone product line. From a sleeker look and feel, Apple has done away with the Home button in favor of a software bar, replacing the entire front of the phone with a single screen from top to bottom. This has done wonders for the measurements of the phone. The iPhone 8 will be 5.45 inches tall by 2.65 inches wide. And the thinness? The iPhone 8 will be just 0.29-inch thick. Craziness.

iPhone 8 Plus

Just like the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus, the iPhone 8 Plus is a larger model for those with bigger hands. (Sorry Trump, this phone isn't meant for you.) I personally am not a fan of the larger models, because I have dainty lady hands, but the thinness is still pretty impressive for the larger iPhone model. The iPhone 8 Plus will be 6.24 inches tall by 3.07 inches wide — with only 0.30-inch thickness. Not too shabby.

iPhone X

The iPhone X is perhaps the most revolutionary new offering on the iPhone product line. From a sleeker look and feel, Apple has done away with the Home button in favor of a software bar, replacing the entire front of the phone with a single OLED screen from top to bottom. The iPhone X measures 5.65 inches tall by 2.79 inches wide at just 0.30-inch thickness.

When comparing the iPhone 8 to the 7, and the 8 Plus to the 7 Plus, the newer models are only 0.01-inch thicker than their most previous iteration, which is pretty incredible given how much processing power is packed within each phone. The iPhone X is equally as comparable, with only a 0.01-inch increase over the iPhone 8, and the same thickness as the iPhone 8 Plus.

It's pretty crazy to think that, just a decade ago, the thought of having such slim phones could ever be a possibility. I still have my original, first generation iPhone and it may as well be a Zack Morris brick phone at this point compared to the most recent updates to the iPhone product line. That said, if you're upgrading from an iPhone 7 to an 8, you're probably not going to notice much of a difference, but if the iPhone 8 will be your first foray into the iPhone experience, you're going to be pretty shocked at just how light and thin it is.

I, for one, am totally ready to hand over fistfuls of cash just as soon as I can preorder the iPhone 8 on Friday.