Netflix has rolled out new parental controls.
Photographer, Basak Gurbuz Derman/Moment/Getty Images

Psst! You Can Hide Certain Shows & Movies On Netflix So Your Kids Don't Drive You Mad

There's bound to be a bit more screen time for everyone as families across the country are cooped up at home these days. And good news, there's a way to block certain shows on Netflix so your kids won't annoy you with constant demands to watch that same episode of Thomas and Friends or PJ Masks over and over again.

In recent weeks, Netflix has expanded its parental controls in an effort to give families more choices and parents more control. Within the new parental controls, you can stop auto-play capabilities, block shows from kids' profiles, and use a PIN-code to password protect certain profiles so your kids can't access shows you might want to watch after they finally go to bed. For parents who want to block certain programs from their kids' profiles, Netflix offers a pretty straightforward way to go about it.

After logging in to your account on a web browser, head to the Profile and Parental Controls setting and choose the profile you want, change the viewing restrictions, then type the name of the TV show or movie you want hidden under Title Restrictions.

After clicking Submit, the programs you selected will now appear in red under Title Restrictions and will be removed. Just type the name of the restricted title you want to block and it will come up for you in red, then click Submit. According to Netflix, "When this filter is used, the blocked title(s) won’t show up anywhere in that profile." So, for example, if you don't want your 5-year-old watching the adventures of Joe Exotic on Tiger King, it will not come up in their search if you've blocked it.

You might need to refresh your device, but after that you should be good to go.

If parents would prefer to try casting a wider net, it's possible to set maturity levels on a profile by changing the Viewing Restrictions setting and clicking on the maturity level rating for programs, PG-13 or below, for instance, and then clicking Submit.

If you're worried your kids will get into your post-bedtime show selection, blocking those titles is a great option. And if your kids are like most kids, desperate to watch the same show on repeat until every single one of your teeth is on edge and you don't think you can sit through another 30 minutes of Peppa Pig, hiding that show, even temporarily, is also a great option. Netflix truly has your back.