How To Book A 'Jungle Book' Tour Since Your Kids Are Probably Begging For One

Now that you've seen The Jungle Book a few times and your kids are on a hunger strike until you can see some real wild animals, it's only fair that you might be considering a wild adventure for your next family vacation. Exactly how to book a real "jungle book" tour is a little more complicated. Depending on your travel habits, there are lots of ways to give your family a wild adventure.

If you want to get really hardcore about it, there are actual jungle treks and safaris you can embark upon with family in tow or stick a little closer to home. If you're already the kind of person with a travel bug and would rather trek through a jungle, real or simulated, rather than lie on a beach or sip an espresso in a sunny piazza, then all the more power to you. Depending on how much you've saved up in vacation funds, you can definitely book yourself a real wildlife journey. The Jungle Book is technically set in India, based off of Rudyard Kipling's stories, so if you want to keep it authentic, a real tour would involve actually going to India.

Of course, there are many India-based outlets willing to give tourists the real deal. But that's not the only way to go. Here are a few of your most surefire options:

Go Disney

If you need to scratch Disney World off of your family's bucket list anyway, take advantage of your family's new The Jungle Book obsession with one of their themed cruises, available in all of their parks, except for Disneyland Paris. "Embark on a cruise where hippos, elephants and maybe even a headhunter await your arrival," Disney writes on its website. After traveling with your entire brood, a headhunter might be just what you need anyway.

Go Goa

Even if you were lucky enough to be single, adventurous, and have a passport pre-family, heading to India is always a pretty big deal in terms of planning. But go big or go home, right?

Once you get there, there are tons of options for taking Jungle Book-esque tours. Most of them include elephant rides, local lunches, and are sure to delight everyone involved. Just remember to tip the driver. If you and your partner would rather head to South America (or flights are cheaper), there are ways to enjoy nature that might not be so perfectly related to the new movie, but awesome nonetheless. Any jungle could be very cool.

Stay Home

Sure, your living room could most often be compared to the wild kingdom, but there are ways, depending on the ages of your kids, to bring Mowgli and crew to your house for real. Without even having to go to the zoo, you can recreate The Jungle Book experience with a little can-do attitude (and lots of caffeine). There are moms throwing parties with Kaa Snake Sandwiches which are basically just a very long sub adorned with a cucumber tongue and some olive eyes. It might just be the best party trick you could ever learn, whether you're trying to impress toddlers or troll your in-laws.

Whether you want to actually go to the jungle or just bring a little Disney action into your kids' lives, the possibilities are pretty much endless. There's nothing wrong with a Kaa sandwich and a Friday night viewing of the 1967 Disney version either. It's all about what kind of experience you're really looking for.