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Steps For Calling Your Senator About Betsy Devos

If she's able to secure a vote in her favor from Senate, Betsy DeVos could become President Trump's secretary of education. It's a frustrating thought for those who disagree with her, and a glimmer of hope to those who support her — but there is also a possibility that she may not fill that role, and it all comes down to one very important thing. Because so many in the general public believe DeVos lacks the experience for the job, with enough traction, those people have the ability to determine whether or not she becomes secretary of education. That's why, whether you agree with her or not, you need to know how to call your senators or representative about Betsy DeVos — because if you let your voice be heard, you might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

Your voice matters now more than it ever has before — and senators are listening — at least, their staffers are. Don't believe me? Republican Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski stated that she voted "no" on DeVos during the committee hearing on Tuesday because of her constituents' concerns with DeVos, according to The Nation. "I have heard from thousands, truly thousands, of Alaskans who have shared their concerns about Mrs. DeVos," Murkowski said. "I do not intend to vote on final passage to support Mrs. DeVos."

Maine Sen. Susan Collins also voted against DeVos, joining Murkowski as the only Republicans to not vote for one of Trump's Cabinet picks, according to The Hill. If another Republican turns on DeVos, it could be enough to completely split the vote. That's where you come in.

Feeling the urge to call your reps and senators and let them know how you feel about DeVos possibly winning the education seat? Here's how.

Remember Why You're Calling

Before making that call, it is important to remember why this vote is so close. According to U.S. News & World Report, many believe DeVos lacks the experience, "knowledge, and preparation" for the job. Whether you agree or disagree, keep your motivation in mind and pick up the phone.

Find Your Representative's Or Senators' Numbers

Now that you've got your reason for calling, it is time to find the right numbers. Luckily, there are websites that make finding this a breeze. As Romper's Karen Fratti notes,

Your legislators likely have offices in your state's capitol and in Washington D.C., so first you have to figure out which one you want to call. Go with both. You can find the contact info for your rep here then go look up your senators here. (If you don't know who your representative or senators are, don't be embarrassed. You can look up your representative here and there's a drop down menu on the senate contact info page above to see who's responsible for you.) You can also just call 202-224-3121 and ask the Capitol's operator to put you through. Up to you.

Come Up With A Script

A script will keep your call on track and keep you from getting distracted. There are plenty of scripts for opposing DeVos available on the internet — one can be viewed here. All scripts are relatively the same — state your name, where you're from, and that you are calling about Betsy DeVos and her potential education secretary appointment.

Take A Deep Breath

This is an exciting moment — your call could potentially change some lives! Take a deep breath, type in the number on your phone, and give it a go.

Call — Go On, Do It

Once you're connected, simply state your script and hang up when the call is over. Easy enough, right?

If enough people believe in a cause and act accordingly, it's more likely that their elected officials will feel obligated to listen to them (as they should arguably already be doing). Wherever you fall on this particular vote, make your voice heard. It counts more than you know.