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How To Clean Sex Toys — 7 Tips To Keep Your Adult Drawer Hygienic

Now that your goodie drawer is stocked with all kinds of fun, you want to make sure you know how to clean sex toys. If you're like me, after a toy-induced orgasm, you just want to bask in afterglow and sleep. But, it's important to keep your toys clean because, well, sex toys collect germs (duh). And, according to Women's Health, a dirty toy can lead to a yeast or bacterial infection. If you're sharing a toy with a partner, and that person is infected with a sexually transmitted disease or infection, you're putting yourself at risk the next time you use it. Yikes.

What your toy is made of (for example, silicone, plastic, or glass) will determine how you should clean it. Not only do you want to protect yourself from possible germs or infection, but you want to protect the integrity of your toy and make sure you don't damage it. I have heard stories of dildos melting in the sun because they weren't stored properly. Plus, these toys can be expensive, so you want to make sure you care for them properly. So, protect yourself and your bliss-inducing gadget with proper hygiene. When you purchase your toy, find out what it's made of so you can get it squeaky clean after you get off.


Silicone and Glass Toys

Carol Queen, owner of Good Vibration sin San Francisco, told Jezebel that silicone and glass toys are the easiest toys to clean. "Liquid hand soap or a mild dish soap is preferabel," Queen said. "I would not recommend the germicidal soaps; triclosan is very irritating to many people." Makes sense.


Soft or Hard Plastic Toys

While these toys are extra comfy to use, they are a bit trickier to clean thoroughly. If using with a partner, Queen recommended using a condom. Look at how far condoms have come! This ONE Glwoing Pleasure Condom not only keeps you clean and safe, it glows in the dark. Talk about afterglow.


Any Toy With A Cord

One of the most popular toys is the Hitachi Magic Wand, which isn't marketed as a sex toy, but rather a massager. Because the Hitachi is not intended for erotic use, there's no "cleaning instructions." Common sense says not to submerge any electrical device with a cord because, you'll ruin the circuitry, and that's no fun. So play it safe and wrap your toy.



Women's Health recommended being extra gentle (no sudsing) with cyberskin because too much cleansing might damage its sensitive material.


Sex Toy Cleaner

For those tricky to clean hard or soft plastic toys, or anything with a cord, you can use a safe alcohol and paraben free spray, made especially for the purpose of cleaning your erotic gizmos.

LELO (Toy) Cleaning Spray ($9.90) LELO


Rinse Well With Water

Courtesy of Jill Di Donato

You want to make sure to rinse away all the soap, so be thorough in your cleaning. , OB-GYN Jacqueline Walters told Essence that even mild soap can irritate your privates. "The vagina has it’s own pH level, so it’s supposed to be acidic [and the level should be] no less than 4.5," she said. "When we start adding all of the antibacterial soap what happens is you kill off the bacteria that is supposed to be there that creates the eco-system for the vagina and controls the acidity." Like you would clean anything you want to sterilize, rinse your toy with warm water.


Dry and Store

Once your toy is clean, you want to make sure to dry it with a paper towel or clean towel. Women's Health recommended storing your sex toy in a silk bag to "protect it from other bacteria-laden items." Makes sense to me!