How To Create A Blonde Kris Jenner Costume That's So Extra

For the most current and topical Halloween costume you can imagine, jump on the latest image of the Kardashian-Jenner family. Learning how to create a blonde Kris Jenner Halloween costume inspired by the platinum pixie pic will put you in the top spot of any costume contest. At the very least, you'll be the most fabulous person at your gathering.

Although her famous children — Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, and Kendall Jenner — live in the spotlight, the family matriarch gets her share of press as well. On October 23, 2017, Kim added a photo of her mom to Instagram that has since taken over the internet. The picture, which features Kris Jenner lounging on a sofa with a martini glass, sporting a platinum blonde look, fur stole, and rose-print suit, has over two million likes only three days later, according to Instagram. The hair alone is a shocking transformation for Jenner, who is most known for her dark locks. But something about the entire photo, from her fantastic ensemble to her chill expression, has struck a chord with fans. Blonde Kris Jenner memes popped up immediately, with some people pining for her luxurious lifestyle, and others comparing Jenner to Disney villain Cruella de Vil. Whatever the case, this look is everything you need for a relevant and fabulous Halloween getup.


The Wig

The cropped blonde wig is the most important part of the whole look. For the record, Jenner may be wearing a blonde wig in the Instagram photo, according to Bustle. No one's really certain yet. At any rate, to copy this look, go for this short blonde wig ($16, Halloween Express), this boy cut wig ($12, Amazon), or this platinum blonde wig ($14, Amazon). As long as your hair is short and bright blonde, you're good to go.


The Sunglasses

Only Kris Jenner could make wearing sunglasses indoors look so glamorous. To add in this part of her ensemble, try some plastic square sunglasses ($14, Sunglass Warehouse), thick frame sunglasses ($3, Boohoo), or oversized square sunglasses ($12, Bleu Dame). Whatever frames you choose, wear them with abandon, even if it's dark outside and you're chilling indoors.


The Floral Ensemble

Kris Jenner's amazing floral suit is probably the trickiest part of the look to nail down. The rose printed blouse ($10+, Amazon) is a pretty close match as far as the print is concerned. And these pink floral pants ($28, ASOS) are similar enough for costume purposes.


The Red Boots

Who knew red stiletto boots could look so chill and loungey? The red woven bootie ($130, Nordstrom), pointed toe booties ($33, Amazon), or stiletto ankle boots ($40, Amazon) would all work perfectly. Whatever pair you choose, make sure you look cool and comfortable, like your feet were made for walking in stilettos all through the night.


The Red Bag

The bag to Kris' right is most likely some fine designer creation — ahem, a Hermes 'Birkin' — but there are plenty of ways to approximate that look on a budget. The alligator pattern tote ($30, Amazon) or red satchel handbag ($51, Overstock) both look similar to Jenner's designer tote.


The Stole

Jenner looks supremely cozy in her stole, and you can mimic that vibe. A faux fur scarf ($16, Amazon) or a faux fur wrap ($8+, Amazon) both provide a similar style. Plus, both of these options are made from super-fake fake furs, so there's not need to worry about PETA coming after you.


The Recap

Don't forget the a clear martini glass ($20, Amazon) poised cavalierly in your left hand, and your costume is complete. Pulling all of the pieces together may take a bit of effort, but it'll be worth it to feel totally fabulous on Halloween.

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