How To Create A Kickass Daenerys Costume For Your Little Mother Of Dragons

If your kid still needs a Halloween costume, why not the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms? Learning how to dress your kid like Daenerys for Halloween will help make the holiday legendary. Plus, it's the perfect excuse to gather more dragon toys, which is always a good thing.

Although the massively popular HBO show Game Of Thrones has a distinctly adult vibe, kids can still enjoy dressing as the characters. Even if a child hasn't seen the show, a Daenerys costume is not a hard sell. Who wouldn't want to be a dragon queen for an evening? As a character, Dany is fantastically ready to take charge and (rather literally) rule the world. Your kid can learn about her complicated and somewhat icky family history later on — right now, Dany is just a cool queen who rides dragons into battle.

With that in mind, outfitting your kid for dragon-riding duty only takes a little time and effort. Although there are plenty of adult-sized Daenerys costumes available, at varying price points and levels of authenticity, as far as I can tell no major company is selling a kid-sized Dany costume. Therefore, your take on the Stormborn will require a bit of creativity and perhaps a few minutes of online shopping. But with a good wig, an outfit for a queen, and of course a hoard of dragon toys, your little one will rule Halloween this year.


The Hair

For seven seasons, Dany's gorgeous locks have been the stuff of hair goal legend. However, it's important to remember Dany's hairstyles are all made from wigs, according to the website for TIME. In fact, actress Emilia Clarke is a natural brunette, according to Vanity Fair. This is all to say: the wig is a crucial part of any Dany costume. Sure, you could drive yourself completely bonkers trying to recreate those elaborate braids in your kid's natural hair, but the wig option is much easier — and still true to character.

For the Dany hair look, a child's braided pigtail wig ($28, Halloween Express), princess costume wig ($15, Amazon), or a tower princess wig ($23, Costume Super Center) would work beautifully. The braids are already done: all you have to do is throw it on your kid's head and go.


The Clothes

The Mother of Dragons has rocked some incredible looks over the course of the show, but the most recent costumes are especially powerful and regal. To copy her most queenly looks, start with a girls' tank dress ($17, Target). If you can find one, a military-style coat would be the perfect topper. For instance, the girls' military coat ($182, Children Salon) is a close fit. If you can find a coat with giant shoulder pads, even better. For a finishing touch, layer a Daenerys dragon chains shirt ($20, Etsy) over the dress. Now your child is prepared for battle.


The Jewelry

The dragon queen has some lovely jewels, so it's only fitting the Dany outfit would demand some fierce accessories. A Targaryen sigil necklace ($5, Etsy), silver dragon bracelet ($24, Etsy), or a leather dragon bracelet ($7, Amazon) are all perfect for a queen.



This is the part of the outfit you can really personalize. But really: some toy dragons are more or less required. You can go the cute route with a plush Beanie Boo dragon ($7, Amazon), or get something a little more intense with the fearsome dragon toy ($20, Amazon). To get some air, use a toy dragon kite ($23, Amazon). Dany's scaly babies never looked so sweet.


The Finished Dany Look

Put it all together, and the Khaleesi costume is complete. Your kid is Daenerys of the House-To-House Trick-or-Treating, First of Her Name, Queen of All Candy in the Neighborhood. Now go out and collect your loot.

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