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How To Cut Your Kid's Hair At Home (Without Regretting It)

Are your child’s bangs now resting comfortably on the tip of their nose? Do you cringe each time your kid takes off their baseball cap only to reveal a nest of messy tangles? Are you this close to shaving all of your children’s hair off? STOP! Do not snip a single strand until you read this guide to how to cut your child’s hair at home.

As Lis Pedemonte, a veteran stylist at Yakima, Washington’s Blue Sage Salon will tell you, this whole cutting your kid’s hair situation is not going to be easy. But if you follow a few of her wise instructions, they might just end up with a decent looking cut. The trick, Pedemonte tells Romper, is to remember that kids tend to fall into two categories when it comes to haircuts: the movers & shakers and the sleepers. Both are equally tricky. “The movers and the shakers are constantly wiggling,” she says. “While the sleepers, their heads keep flopping over.”

So what’s a parent to do? First off, Pedemonte says, remember this: “Your goal is to do the least damage.” Sounds funny, but she’s not joking. The rest? Just follow these steps.


Less is More

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"Remember, you can always go back and cut more," says Pedemonte. "It's better to cut less." Just think about cleaning up the edge or perimeter. For this, you can use scissors or a razor, which she says on some kids is easier, "especially on the bangs to cut the fringe in the front." Using a new razor, score it along the bangs to barely take the ends off.


Keep your child entertained

"If you have a squirt bottle that gives them something to fuss with while they’re getting their hair cut, or, since they're home, they can watch TV," Pedemonte tells Romper.


Stay organized

"Always have all implements at hand," says Pedemonte. This will help you not waste time and get started right away before your kid can, well, run away.


Have a washcloth on hand

This little item is handy for two reasons. First, it allows your child to cover their eyes so little hairs don't irritate them. And second, it allows for speedy clean up when it's time to remove the little hairs from their face and neck.


Think vertically

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"If you're going to use scissors, often times instead of doing a straight across horizontal cut, do more vertical cuts," suggests Pedemonte. This will avoid the much feared bowl cut.


Adjust clippers wisely

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Auto clippers can be a great tool, but you need to carefully examine the setting before you start trimming. "Try it on your arm first to see how it will cut," Pedemonte recommends. This will avoid the inevitable chunk of hair going missing from the back of your tot's head.


Have a treat ready

Hey, it's not easy sitting still for a haircut. That's why salons often have a candy jar at the front. Have a little sweet available to reward your kid for making it through the ordeal.

But most of all, Pedemonte says, just try to do the best you can. "Start at the most crucial spot across the front or across the back," she says. "Don’t start behind the ear." And feel free to take breaks. "Work on this for 15 minutes then let them go," she says. You'll get it done eventually and, even better news? One day soon you can take them back to the professionals for a trim.


Lis Pedemonte, stylist at Yakima, Washington’s Blue Sage Salon