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How To DIY A Wonder Woman Costume For Your Kid & Have A Heroic Halloween

If you have a kid of any age, don't be surprised if Wonder Woman is the hot costume of choice for Halloween this year. With the hit movie inspiring and empowering girls (and boys) around the world, it's no wonder everyone from toddlers to adults are dressing in red and blue this year. If your little one's heart is set on being everyone's favorite feminist superhero, you've got the weighty task of learning how to dress your kid as Wonder Woman for Halloween. Luckily, although the Wonder Woman is far from basic, her costume is fairly simple to recreate in any size you need. Perfect for kids to embrace their inner hero this Halloween.

Although technically, you could simply run to almost any costume store and buy a Wonder Woman costume, making your own is sure to be a cheaper and higher quality option that will allow your kid to dress up and save the world on Halloween and long after the holiday is over.

There are many ways to DIY this costume, but perhaps the simplest is to use materials you already have laying around your house, thrifting a few, and buying some cheap supplies to finalize the look.


The Suit

In her Youtube video, Koukla Forever explains how she created her own Wonder Woman costume using an old t-shirt, a skirt, and colored paper.

Wonder Woman Shirt, $9, Amazon | Iron-On Applique, $6, Michaels | Shirt, $12, Primary

It's easy to find red shirt with the Wonder Woman logo, but you can always draw it on a red tee with paint pens yourself, or buy an iron-on applique.

The skirt may be worth buying new or used, but if you're feeling your inner seamstress, use this tutorial from Made Everyday to sew a simple skirt with blue fabric.


The Shield

Shield, $9, Walmart

If you're going all out for this costume, your little wonder will no doubt need a shield to complete the look. You can buy one or make your own version using this Youtube tutorial from Cam Creates as a guide. All you need is a few circles of cardboard and some black and gold paint.


The Wristbands And Crown

Once you've got the basics of the costume, it's time to make the wristbands and crown. If you want a quick and simple method, follow along with Koukla Forever on Youtube to make the pieces from yellow card stock paper. Simply measure the length around your child's wrists and cut out two strips a few inches long. Cut out three red stars, one for each arm and one for the crown, and glue them on before putting them on your child.

Then, tape the wristbands around your daughters arm. To make the crown, cut out a template and trace your final version before cutting it out. Punch holes in each side and use pins to fasten the crown to your daughter's hair.


The Makeup And Hair

Although this piece is completely optional, your little girl may want to feel extra glamorous with full on Wonder Woman hair and makeup.

Wonder Woman Wig, $10, Oriental Trading

Buying a Wonder Woman wig is probably the simplest route, unless your kid is blessed with thick, long dark hair that you can curl yourself.

For makeup, go simple with some clear lip gloss and a bit of eye shadow to make your hero feel the part.

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