How To Master Doggy Pillow & Intensify Your Orgasm

by Irina Gonzalez

Sex is a chance to get creative and seek your ultimate pleasure. Maybe you're the kind of person who is really into missionary, or maybe you like to switch things up all the time, every time. If you're anything like me, however, then you know that doggy style sex is where it's at. Mainly because it is great for G-spot stimulation. But there is a new variation on the sex favorite known as doggy pillow, which can make your orgasms even more pleasurable. Luckily, knowing how to do doggy pillow is quite simple.

According to Women's Health, adding a pillow to doggy style makes it more enjoyable. Although there are several ways to incorporate a pillow into your doggy style sex position — including putting a pillow under your knees in order to ease the burden on them — the way doggy pillow works is a bit different. What you will want to do is to lay completely flat on the bed with your stomach down, and a few pillows under your stomach and waist. Why? Well, according to Women's Health, this creates a great angle for your partner to enter you from behind.

This position is particularly helpful during postpartum sex. According to Woman's Day, many women report a pinching feeling in their scar tissue during postpartum sex, and doggy pillow actually reduces the amount of pressure at the scar site. Although this position is optimal for postpartum sex, you don't have to be recently post-childbirth in order to enjoy the support and comfort that a pillow under your stomach during doggy style sex can bring you.

In fact, according to Cosmopolitan, if you're shy about using your bedroom pillows for doggy pillow, you can even purchase a pillow specifically for having sex. Though, truth be told, any good pillow at home will do. The beauty of using a pillow is that you can easily adjust it to fit the position and your comfort levels, instead of having to flex your butt muscles until they cramp.

Doggy pillow is really an easy (and pleasurable) upgrade to the doggy style position, and should be easy for all. It's a position that allows for deeper penetration while also experiencing the ease of laying down. That's right, this one is even good for lazy girls (no judgment) who enjoy maximum G-spot stimulation. If you haven't given it a try yet, what are you waiting for?