How To Do Spider-Man Face Paint For Kids, So They Can Sling Webs In Style

Spider-Man is pretty much the costume of choice for little kids of all ages. After all, who doesn't love that onesie-wearing crime-fighter with spidey senses and powers? Having a kid wanting to be Spider-Man is a win in the parents' column, too — a long-sleeve and pants combination will keep your little one cozy while trick-or-treating, and you won't have to worry about changing them into pajamas after the post-candy coma hits. The only tricky part of a Spider-Man costume can be the face paint part, so knowing how to do Spider-Man face paint for kids is necessary for your kiddo to be the coolest Spidey on the block.

Depending on how old your kid is, and how long they can sit still, there's a few options for Spider-Man face paint. For older, more patient kids (and parents), you could try a full Spider-Man face. For younger, less patient kids (and parents), a half Spider-Man (focusing on eyes and forehead) would suffice. And, for toddlers, or parents lacking basic paintbrush-wielding skill, a solitaire Spidey eye will have to do.

Rest assured that any of these options will totally pull together your kiddo's Spiderman look, but the attention to detail and difficulty level is up to you.

All of these looks start with the white, teardrop shapes around the eyes. Depending on the age and comfort level, decide whether you want to paint directly on their eyelids, or just start above their browline. Using a thicker brush will help you cover more area quicker, which really is key when working with young kids. Give the white area a quick outline with a thinner brush and black paint to really define that section.

Next, fill in the rest of the face with red — depending on the look you're going for, this can mean the entire face, the forehead and bridge of nose, or just remaining outer edge of one eye.

The trickiest part is creating the web outlines, and that's mostly because it requires some extra focus on both the artist and subject's parts. Using the thin brush and black paint from earlier, create a web shape on your little one's face. If you're unsure of what you're doing, have a photo handy of the look you're going for. It's much easier to copy from a photo than trying to ad-lib something for the first time. If you're not a stranger to face paint and have some accessories handy, this is where you could add in a stenciled spider to your kid's face, or even add some colored glitter as an accent.

If you're looking for kid-safe face paint, there are plenty of options. This Colorful Art Co. set ($24, Amazon) is non-toxic, vegan, and paraben-free, and comes with a variety of brushes and stencils. This Mosaiz set ($19, Amazon) boasts food-grade pigments that are quick to dry and quick to remove with water. If you're really nervous about painting your child's face with a brush, try these non-toxic crayon face paints ($8, Amazon). Most kid-safe face paints can easily be removed with soap and water, though sometimes it's easier to get most off with a makeup wipe first.

In any regard, your child is sure to love what you come up with; nothing is more awesome than a parent who lets them be exactly what they want. And, don't feel bad if your Spider-Man doesn't look as great as it does in the photos. We all know your child is going to accidentally smear it half off before they get to the second house. But, that smile on their face before that happens is totally worth all the effort.

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