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How To Dress As Eleven From 'Stranger Things' Season 2 For Halloween (She's So Badass)

by Lindsay E. Mack

In the second season of Stranger Things, everyone's favorite waffle-loving heroine goes through quite the transformation. To have the most current take on her look for your costume this year, knowing how to dress as Stranger Things' Season 2 Eleven for Halloween is crucial. It looks like the whole pink dress and dad socks getup is all last season.

Seriously, the makeover scene in season 2, episode 7 is an '80s kid's dream: As "Dead End Justice" by The Runaways plays in the background, Eleven's new band of buddies help her transform into a smokey-eyed, slick-haired rebel queen. The blonde wig and borrowed dress are long gone for this girl. Her wardrobe and overall vibe has changed to reflect the darker storyline of the show.

Because Eleven is a punk rocker now, putting together a costume inspired by her ensemble should be easier than ever. After all, the whole look is homemade, DIY, and intentionally imperfect. Shopping your closet or a local thrift shop is probably all you'll need to do to throw this together. Although you can still add in a cute waffle purse for emphasis if you like. And make sure you take your makeup to the next dark level.

And remember: You've got a new attitude.


The Eyeshadow

Stranger Things on Netflix

Because Eleven's makeover is so homespun, it's good to be a little messy when recreating her hair and makeup look. Seriously, this is not the time for the perfect applications favored by YouTube beauty gurus. For the messy, smoky eye look, try a loose eye shadow pigment ($6, Etsy) in gray or black. Or, go ahead and grab anything from your local drugstore. The Meet Me in Paris eyeshadow ($6, L'Oreal) looks like a pretty good match. Whatever color you choose, tap it on with your fingers for a gloriously smudgy effect. Oh, and if you want a little more definition around the eyes, go for a black kohl liner pencil ($1, Wet N' Wild). Get as smudgy as you like.


The Lipstick

Stranger Things on Netflix

The lipstick look is also messy and undone, smeared off almost as soon as it's applied. Something like Revlon black cherry lipstick ($9, Ulta), applied and then hastily rubbed off, would create a similar appearance. For a less-mess application, just use a tinted balm for a similar look. In fact, Burt's Bees tinted balm in red dahlia ($5, Burt's Bees) would work perfectly. Throw it on for a totally bitchin' vibe.


The Hair

Stranger Things on Netflix

I zoomed way in on the white bottle of product in the lefthand side of this screengrab, but I don't immediately recognize the brand. (If someone who is more familiar with styling products from the 1980s wants to help me out, that would be great.) Is it a gel? A mousse? It isn't the stereotypical hairspray so often associated with '80s fashion.

Whatever the case, Eleven gets some slicked-down hair during her makeover. If your locks are similar, get some L.A. Looks gel ($7, Amazon) and a rattail comb ($3, Sally Beauty) and comb that stuff back. Otherwise, a slicked-back wig ($36, Amazon) will get the job done.


The Outfit

Stranger Things on Netflix

Eleven and her new crew look pretty fierce when they take to the streets. Although Eleven isn't rocking a multicolored mohawk, she does take on a more rebellious wardrobe. Some battered Converse sneakers ($29+, Amazon), gray crew socks ($14, Amazon), rolled-up ankle jeans ($40, H&M) and oversized black jacket ($90, Nordstrom) complete the look. Shop your closet, hit the thrift shops, or order the previously mentioned products right away for delivery in time for the holiday. Now throw it all together and enjoy Halloween dressed as your favorite supernatural tween.

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