How To Dress Like Emma Watson's Belle For A Dreamy Halloween

You're never too old to channel a little Disney magic for Halloween. If you're still smitten with the recent version of Beauty and the Beast, then learning how to dress like Emma Watson's Belle can make for a perfect costume. Dress your best, dress your best, put your costume to the test.

Released in March 2017, the live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast starred Emma Watson as the beloved Belle. With a longer running time than the 1991 animated film, the newer version of Beauty and the Beast featured more musical numbers and deeper character development, according to IMDB. And evidently this film struck a chord with audiences: 2017's Beauty and the Beast is currently the 10th highest-grossing film of all time, as it brought in $1,260,914,165, according to The Numbers. That kind of money could fund a pretty spiffy library.

So if you're still enchanted with Belle, putting together a costume for Halloween can be a fun and easy project. You won't need a fortune, either, because a little imagination goes a long way. Add a rose or a stack of books and bam: you're the spunky, bookish princess. Get ready for the most magical Halloween yet, with or without a beast in tow.


The Dress

Belle's yellow ballgown is the stuff of legend. Costume designers spent 270 hours crafting Belle's dress, which contained layers upon layers of satin organza, according to Hollywood Reporter. If you want a similar look that's a little less labor-intensive, no worries.

Belle Ball Gown, $60, Halloween Costume

For a ready-made costume, the Belle ball gown is an easy grab-and-go option. It's true to the spirit of the film dress, but still easy enough to wear in real life.

Adult Belle Costume, $90, Party City

Want to be legit? The live action Beauty and the Beast adult Belle costume dress is an officially licensed replica of the dress from the movie. It's made for twirling.

Womens Long Lace Evening Gown, $60, Amazon

Lastly, if DIY is more your style, there are loads of yellow ball gowns in the world, probably thanks to inspiration from this movie. You can check out local thrift shops or secondhand stores for options in your city. For an online buy, the women's lace evening gown is a pretty great option. Just check out the fullness of that skirt: it's amazing.


The Jewels

Don't overlook the gorgeous jewelry from this film, because it's a big part of the storytelling. In fact, Belle's hairpiece, ear-cuff, and necklace were all carefully thought-out parts of the overall design, according to Hollywood Reporter. They take on the enchanted vibe of the castle.

Rose Tree Pendant Necklace, $25, Disney Necklace

For purists, pick up a rosetree pendant necklace that's exactly like the one in the movie. It has gorgeous rococo style, and it's immediately recognizable. Plus, it's pretty enough to wear any time of year.

Belle Ear Cuff, $20, Etsy

If you'd like a creative spin on the accessories, there's a ton of great indie Beauty and the Beast jewelry. For instance, the Belle ear cuff is a pretty neat take on the original look. It's crafted from gold wire and magic, according to the shop's site. Hey, I believe it.


The Hair

If you don't have Belle-like hair by nature, let a wig help you out. The adult belle wig is even pre-styled, so you can just pop it on your head and go. If only every style were so simple.

Adult Belle Wig, $22, Amazon


The Details

The details are where you can really add your own spin on the Belle look, to make the costume as glamorous or as silly as you please. Maybe you carry around a candlestick. Maybe you tote an adorable teacup everywhere.

Artificial Silk Rose, $6, Amazon

For a super romantic look, though, consider the rose. An artificial silk rose tucked into your hair or pinned to the dress would add a touch of magic to your look. Plus, those petals are staying put forever.

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