How To Dress Like Princess Leia In 'Episode IV - A New Hope'

If Star Wars is a theme you want to tackle this Halloween, specifically Princess Leia, it could be fun to tackle her look in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope. Especially with the iconic Carrie Fisher in mind, dressing up as Princess Leia could add a whole new level of meaning to your holiday this year. In order to do that, however, it might be a good idea to learn how to dress like Princess Leia in Episode IV - A New Hope first. Although her outfit seems pretty straight forward, there are a few creative ways to approach the iconic look.

There are a few key pieces to the costume that remind everyone of Princess Leia. A couple of them include her famous hair-do and long, flowing white attire. Her character has an image that often sticks vividly in people's minds, so if you're dressing up as Princess Leia from A New Hope, those are details you can't forget that set her apart. Additionally, her large gun, belt, and white boots are staple pieces, too. But, remember, you can also add your own personal touches to set your costume apart as well. Everyone has their own fun interpretation and flair to add to their costume.

It might also be a good idea to rewatch the movie too — just for the fun of it —before Halloween sneaks up on you. A lot of small details and styles may pop up to you during your refresher. But after you've done your research and decide to dress up as the princess this October, look no further. For an on-point, creative, and traditional Princess Leia costume for you or your kids, here's a step-by-step guide to finding the right pieces and creating the best looks possible this Halloween.


Traditional Princess Leia Costume

In Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, the wonderful Carrie Fisher portrays Princess Leia beautifully. If you want her look, first and foremost, do not forget the buns for your hair. Next, you can find a long-sleeve, white, flowing dress ($23, Amazon) and a uniquely designed belt ($13, Amazon) to wrap around your waist. Then, add in a long, black gun as a prop and find white boots ($20, Amazon) to finish off your Princess Leia Star Wars look this Halloween.


Kids Princess Leia Costume

Kids love Star Wars too, and if your little one wants to be Princess Leia this Halloween, there are a few ways you can get creative putting together a simple yet fun costume. Seek out a white, long dress or gown like this Child White Gown ($16, Amazon) to duplicate Princess Leia's attire and grab some jute rope ($7, Michaels) to tie around the waist. Add in bun earmuffs like the Hustle and Sew Shop Princess Leia Earmuffs ($35, Etsy) if your little one's hair isn't quite long enough to create the iconic hairdo. You can also add in white shoes and a water gun for some princess-like props.


Baby Princess Leia Costume

For parents who are Star Wars fanatics, the ability to dress your baby up as whatever you want while they can't yet protest is gold. Use this Halloween as an opportunity to go for a Princess Leia costume if you want to make the best of a classic. One of the simplest and most efficient ways to create the costume is to find a Princess Leia onesie like the Deep Dive Threads cosplay onesie ($15, Etsy). You can always add white tights under the onesie if your Halloween season is cooler too. To get the classic bun look, crochet or find a bun-hairstyle hat like this Kernel Crafts baby hat ($16, Etsy).

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