How To Dress Your Baby As Spider-Man For An Adorable, Web-Slinging Halloween

If you don't know what superhero costume to go for this year on Halloween, look no further. There's a great classic you can take advantage this October: Spider-Man. Even better, there are several ways you can approach this Halloween costume with creativity, fun, ease, and even some shopping if you desire. So, if you're wondering how to dress your baby as Spider-Man this Halloween, you've come to the right place. Luckily, it's not too hard at all.

According to Marvel, the story goes that Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider, and in turn, gained the strength and powers of a superhuman spider. Thus, his transformation into Spider-Man began. As Spider-Man, Parker went through a struggle trying to balance new feelings, life as a kid, and saving the world. The story of Spider-Man is a captivating one, and better yet, the costume that he wears as a superhero is a fun way to dress up your baby on Halloween. Especially if you're a Marvel fan or want to shoot for a superhero theme, Spider-Man is a great costume for this October.

So, if you're hoping for a fun, quick yet stylish Spider-Man costume for your little one this year, here's a step by step guide to creating the Spidey look this Halloween.


Onesie Spider-Man

If you want to keep it simple yet cute, grab a Spider-Man onesie ($3.48, Target) like the one pictured above. You can also add in a long pair of red socks ($8.08, La Coqueta) and a red or red and black hat ($4.29, Zulily) is a great Halloween go-to. Better yet, if you're a Marvel or superhero fan, you may already have these items sitting around the house, making this Halloween totally stress free.


Badass Spider-Man

For those who love some frills, there are some fun, do-it-yourself (DIY) Spider-Man costume ideas you can run with for Halloween. Using a long-sleeve, red onesie like The Tutu Factory Kavio Unisex Onesie ($10.90, Amazon), add in a iron-on spider patch ($3.92, Hot Topic) for the onesie and a blue and red tutu ($29.99, Etsy) for the bottoms. Accessorize with a red, black, or spider-themed bow or headband.


Spidey Face Paint

Nadine's Dreams Face Painting Calgary sparked a wonderful Halloween idea with her son's adorable Spider-Man face paint. If you have any red and blue baby clothes laying around or a Spider-Man blanket to use as a swaddle, face paint using paints like the Freaky Face Makeup Kit ($3.99, Party City) can add the perfect, creative touch to your little one's Spidey vibes this October.


Knitted Spider-Man Basics

For your newborn Spider-Man costume, whip out the crocheting or knitting tools and work on a blue and red diaper cover, booties, and a baby beanie like this knitted Spider-Man costume ($16.55-$18.99, above. It's a cute and picture-worthy way to create a custom costume for you baby this Halloween. Additionally, you can find different knitted versions of the outfit online if it's not something you want to DIY this holiday.


Venom Symbiote

I'm sure you remember what I always refer to as "evil Spider-Man," but it turns out this dark villain is actually called the Venom Symbiote. If you're feeling a streak of spooky this Halloween, dress your little one up in a black long-sleeve onesie ($4.74, Direct Apparel Warehouse), black pants like these Stretch Jersey Leggings ($16.95, Gap), and a black beanie ($9.95, Amazon). Next you can grab white fabric markers ($3.99, Michaels) to draw a spider on the chest of the shirt and big, white eyes on the beanie fold.

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