Cute Or Creepy? How To Dress Your Baby Like Georgie From 'It' For Halloween

With It out in theaters, you're really sitting on a goldmine for Halloween this year. Most of the characters throughout the movie are memorable, and especially if your little one has a group of friends to go trick or treating with, dressing up as the It gang could be pretty epic, even if they're not old enough to see the movie. There's also the option to dress up as a solo, memorable character, like Georgie. We're here to teach you how to dress your baby like Georgie from It, in case you have a baby or toddler you'd like to dress up in a creepy way before they realize what's going on.

Luckily, Georgie's costume isn't too difficult to put together, even though it sticks out as an outfit from the movie that's hard to forget. There are actually quite a bit of items you can probably use from your own home you can put together to create Georgie the character and the infamous It props that he is associated with throughout the horror film. Aside from the red balloon, don't forget you can also make a sweet paper boat to use as a prop.

So, if you're looking for a creepy Halloween vibe for your baby's costume this year, look no further. Here are the items you'll need to find for your baby in order to put together the most horrific — yet adorable — little Georgie costume.


A Yellow Raincoat

Georgie's most memorable look is the yellow raincoat. So, if you're going to have your child dress up as Georgie for Halloween, the yellow raincoat is a must this year. If you don't already have one in your closet, you can find one online or in stores, like this Infants' Discovery Rain Jacket ($40, L.L.Bean) pictured above. You can also go for just yellow jacket or hoodie if you have one of those clothing items laying around the house already. Either way, you'll want to highlight the yellow look on top to start creating your Halloween Georgie look this October.



Next up is the simplest piece of the Georgie costume. Luckily, I can almost guarantee there's a pair of jeans around you can use for Georgie's pants this Halloween. Grab your best It-like pair and get ready to finish off your little one's creepy costume. If you don't want to use jeans, you can also go with a denim look-a-like material or even dark blue leggings or sweats to keep your baby a little warmer on a cool Halloween night.


Green Rain Boots

The other signifying piece of Georgie's outfit are his green rain boots. After watching the movie, I would repeatedly see him in my mind bending over by the storm drain with his green boots underneath him. Also, in the infamous scary scene with It himself, there's a memorable aerial shot where Georgie's green rain boots are as bright as ever. So highlighting this piece of the costume could really set it over the top. To get Georgie's dark green rain boot look, consider looking for a pair like these Kid's Original First Classic Rain Boots ($55, Uncle Dan's Outfitters) for your baby or toddler.



If you don't think the raincoat and boots will be enough to convince people your baby is Georgie from It, that's OK. There are plenty of creepy props you can take advantage of to really drive your point home. Find a red balloon and get it filled up with helium to have your kid carry around during their trick or treating. You can also make your own paper sailboat to tote around to serve as signifying prop for Georgie. Either way, one or both of those props should be enough to put your costume over the top and give people the creeps this October.

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