How To Dress Your Kid As Spider-Man For Halloween, Because With Great Costuming Comes Great Candy

by Lindsay E. Mack

When it comes to Halloween costumes, one type of character remains popular year after year: superheroes. Even for a holiday that celebrates all things dark and spooky, plenty of kids prefer to dress up as the quintessential good guys. If your little one falls in these ranks, knowing how to dress your kid as Spider-Man for Halloween can be so helpful. After all, there's something sweet about a child who wants to be the hero of the day.

Since his first appearance in 1962, Spider-Man has captured the imagination of fans the world over. His great powers emerged after brilliant-but-shy Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider at a science exhibit, gaining the strength, agility, and climbing capabilities of an arachnid, according to Marvel's official website. After gaining control of his powers — and donning the iconic red and blue suit — Spider-Man faced villains such as Dr. Doom and Doctor Octopus (AKA Doc Ock). His adventures have wowed fans for generations, resulting in tons of comic books, several television series, and appearances in many major motion pictures. In fact, the most recent installment, Spider-Man: Homecoming, pulled in $330,245,988 domestically at the box office, according to Box Office Mojo. It looks like the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man still captures the imagination of kids everywhere.

Given the character's rampant popularity, putting together a Spider-Man Halloween costume for your kiddo will be a cinch. You can draw inspiration from the classic costume and look, or put your own spin on a unique Spidey getup. Throw in a few accessories, such as light-up spider shoes or web-slinging gloves, and you're all set for the most spine-tingling, adventurous Halloween yet.


The Spiderman Suit

There are so many options for Spidey's iconic suit. The Marvel ultimate spider-man deluxe costume ($25+, Amazon) is officially licensed and super-awesome. It's a great grab-and-go option, plus the look is instantly recognizable.

Next, consider going with the prototype costume Peter Parker makes. The Spider-Man: Homecoming "homemade" costume ($23, Amazon) is based on the first suit Parker makes in the movie. The hoodie, goggles, and boots really make the costume look homespun. It's a unique take on the Spider-Man look.

What if your kid wants the cool factor of a Spider-Man costume with the all-out glam of a full skirt? Etsy artisans can deliver the costume of your kid's dreams. This Spider-Man tutu costume ($40+, Etsy) is a special, beautiful rendition of the beloved superhero's look.



Because not all costumes come with built-in footwear, you may need to provide your own kicks. The child-sized Spider-Man boot covers ($9, Amazon) add that extra bit of authenticity to the costume. Plus, they can be worn with most any normal shoes.

For another option, get some Spider-Man sneakers to go with the costume. The spidey sense light-up sneaker ($23+, Amazon) features some cool webbing details. Plus, they light up, with is a great safety feature for Halloween.



If there were ever a night to let your kid run around with a can of silly string, Halloween would be it. The Spider-Man super web slinger ($25, Amazon) lets your kid shoot "webbing" from a glove. (For a less messy option, though, you could always just encourage the kid to shoot imaginary webs. It's up to you.)

Staying safe on Halloween night can still be a part of the fun. For instance, this Spider-Man flashlight set ($6, Amazon) can help your kid light the way on dark neighborhood streets. Plus, no child is going to refuse extra Spider-Man swag.

Lastly, why not add some spidery details to your kid's trick-or-treat bag? The Spider-Man drawstring bag ($10, Etsy) is perfect for toting around crime-fighting gear (or, you know, candy). Whatever costume and accessories you choose, hopefully you and your kid will have a wonderful holiday full of fun and adventure.

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