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How To Dress Your Kid Like Kate McKinnon's Holtzmann In 'Ghostbusters' For Halloween

Ghostbusters was one of the hit movies of the year, despite the criticism that it ruined the original franchise. Although I will always love the original movies, the re-make with an all girls' cast totally killed it, especially for those with children. It's so important for kiddos to see women rocking it, especially in what might be considered a male-driven society, which is why knowing how to dress your kid like Kate McKinnon's Holtzmann in Ghostbusters for Halloween is the ultimate nod to feminism, fun, and believing in your dreams.

Oh, and hey. It's also a really easy character to put together. Whether you're dressing your kiddo like the relaxed version of Holtzmann in her overalls and goggles or if your child's donning the famous Ghostbusters uniform and proton pack, you can put the entire costume together with items your kid might already have or wear again.

Because let's be honest, what kid doesn't want to dress like Dr. Jillian Holtzmann all the time?

You can't go wrong with a proton pack in the house either, so pick up any of these items to dress your kid like Holtzmann, everyone's favorite Ghostbuster. You can easily get the whole family involved as the rest of the group, but I'm telling you, your tiny Holtzmann will be putting the boo in booyah.



Overalls, $25, Target

For the more casual Holtzmann look, you'll need a pair of overalls so you can splatter some yellow and black paint all over them. Don't forget to roll up the legs a bit to show off your socks.


Black Jacket

Leather Jacket, $20, Target

You'll also need a black leather jacket to fully embody Holtzmann's character. Luckily, every kiddo needs a great jacket in their closet, so it doesn't have to feel like a waste of money.


Green Shirt

T-shirt, $10, Kohl's

For under the overalls, pick up an olive colored t-shirt so you can match Holtzmann perfectly.



Socks, $3, Halloween Costumes

Remember, Holtzmann wears her overalls with the legs rolled up a bit, but you can only see one black and white striped sock. Cute and a must-have for this costume.


Ghostbusters Coveralls

Ghostbuster Coverall Costume, $30, Party City

If you're looking for a more professional outfit for Holtzmann, pick up a Ghostbusters coverall costume from Party City. Sure, you could DIY this, but $30 isn't bad and I have a feeling your kid will wear this more than just Halloween night. It also comes with an inflatable proton pack, so totally worth it.



Black Boots, $20, Sears | Fingerless Gloves, $10, Kohl's | Holtzmann's ScrewU Necklace, $10, Etsy | Ghostbusters Proton Blaster, $10, Amazon | Blonde Wig, $36, Halloween Express

But whether your kiddo's dressing as a more relaxed Holtzmann or one who's fighting the supernatural, they'll need the ultimate Hotlzmann accessories to complete both looks. They'll need a pair of black boots, a pair of leather fingerless gloves, Holtzmann's ScrewU necklace — don't worry, they won't get it, some yellow glasses, a Ghostbusters proton blaster, and a blonde wig if they won't let you tackle their own hair into a Holtzmann style.