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How To Find A Royal Wedding Watch Party Near You & Catch Every Glamorous Second

If you weren't sure about America's love for the royals, you can now know — it's intense. According to PopSugar, the royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be coming to the big screen in select locations around the United States. The website reported that on May 19, 200 U.S. theaters will be streaming the nuptials starting at 10:30 a.m. And even better, it will be commercial free, for all three hours. If you’re royals obsessed, you may be wondering how to find a royal wedding watch party near you. Don't worry, you’re not alone. It seems like there are viewing parties popping up everywhere. So grab your best fancy hat and some tea (or champagne) and check out ways to view the most talked about wedding of the year so far.

(As if you needed an excuse to get dressed fancy to hang out with our friends and drink champagne, right?) Hopefully wherever you decide to watch the royal wedding, it will have some sort of alcoholic beverage and high-tea deliciousness, like cucumber tea sandwiches, scones, and fruit cakes. Check out these eight ways to find a royal wedding watch party near you so you can oooh and ahhh at all the fashion, and of course Meghan’s dress, with other people as royal wedding-obsessed as you are.


Check Your Local Movie Theater

Like I noted before, PopSugar reported that the royal wedding will be aired in select theaters across the United States. How do you find out if there’s a theater showing it near you? You could always check your local theater’s website, or PopSugar says you can search your zip code on the Fathom Events website.


Look on Eventbrite

Type in "Royal" or "Royal Wedding" in the "Search events or categories" box with your city selected on the Eventbrite website, and I'm sure at least one viewing party will pop up. For example, I found there will be a viewing party in Midtown Atlanta. It's going to be held at the fancy W Hotel and your $50 ticket will include bottomless mimosas, unlimited buffet, and of course watching the royal wedding.


Check With Hotels In Your City

There seem to be a lot of hotels taking advantage of this event by selling tickets to viewing parties in their grand ballrooms. If you have the funds and want to eat English buffet food and drink bottomless mimosas, checking with your local hotels may be the way to go.


Follow Local Bars — Especially Pubs — On Facebook & Instagram

Bars and restaurants use social media to promote events all the time, and viewing parties of the royal wedding are no different. You might have better luck if you follow your local pub on Instagram or Facebook, since most of them are British-themed and you know, the royal wedding is pretty British.


Look In Your Local Alternative Weekly

Do people read alternative weeklies anymore? I used to work for one when I was an intern, and my sole job was uploading all the events around town onto the paper's website. Atlanta's alt. weekly, Creative Loafing, is much smaller these days, but they still manage to get out a print version sometimes. I always check their website for local concerts and other events around town.


Visit Your Local News Station's Website

Most local news station's websites have an events page, like this local CBS station in Los Angeles. This particular station provided a list of all the different places around Los Angeles to watch the royal wedding. So if you're in LA and are reading this, you're welcome.


Check Out Your City Website's Events Page

It may not be run by Leslie Knope from the Parks and Recreation department, but most cities have their own website apart from the .gov website. For certain, I know Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, and Boston do, and they all have events pages.


Host One Yourself

If there isn't one in your area, you can always host an awesome get together yourself. Just decorate with Meghan's favorite flowers (peonies), insist everyone dresses up (including hats), and pop some champagne. Oh, and if you're really invested, you can provide Harry and Meghan: A Love Story coloring books for everyone as as a souvenir. There will be a live broadcast of the ceremony on NBC, ABC, PBS, CBS, FOX, and BBC America — though unfortunately most of the coverage starts at 4 a.m. EST. Darn timezones. But it's never too early for mimosas, right?

No matter where you end up watching the royal wedding, I'm sure it will be quite the spectacle to see, and watching it with friends will make it that much better.