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McDonald's Is Giving Away Free Coffee To People Who Want To Pay It Forward

I can't say enough about the restorative magic of coffee, as it made me feel human on those school drop-off mornings. You know, when I couldn't find matching socks or school permission slips, or when the milk turned out to be sour and I was out of clean sandwich containers. And if you love your morning cup of joe just as much as I do, then you might be itching to know how you can get a free McDonald's coffee during the company's "McCafé It Forward" promotion. Not only is the promo a win for coffee-loving moms, but it's a great way for parents to give back.

McDonald's restaurants across the United States are set to launch what it's calling a "chain reaction of kindness" with their three-day "McCafé It Forward" event starting on Wednesday, Aug. 21, according to USA Today. After getting inspired by regular, everyday customers who would come into different McCafé's across the country and buy coffee in line for the person behind them, for example, McDonald's decided to follow suit in honor of the McCafé brand's 10th anniversary. It's mission? To give customers a free small coffee throughout the next three days.

Here's how it works: In the grand tradition of paying it forward, 500 local "do-gooders and coffee lovers," as noted in a McDonald's press release shared with Romper, will be given the first McCafé It Forward cards across the U.S. as a part of its "Good is Brewing" campaign. They will then be encouraged to share those cards with friends, family, or even strangers for their own cup of coffee. If the card continues to get passed on, every American could conceivably have access to a small free McCafé during this promotion. Dream big or go home, right?

As McDonald’s Senior Director of Brand and Menu Innovation Strategy, Elina Veksler, noted in a press release, the concept of paying it forward with a simple cup of coffee is already a very familiar one to many people out there. She explained:

We know McCafé customers are already sharing acts of kindness every day, and McCafé It Forward is a chance for us to amplify what they’re doing on a larger scale and prove good is truly brewing around every corner. We’ve been on a decade long journey with McCafé, and we share in that feeling of optimism each and every time our customers take that first sip of coffee.
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Beyond these next three days, McDonald's is asking people to nominate someone in their community who is doing good (big or small) for their "Be A Brew Gooder" sweepstakes. Nominators and nominees could win McCafé for life, so that's a pretty amazing incentive. Nominations can be sent in between Aug. 26 through Sept. 29 via Twitter, Instagram, or an entry form on the McDonald's app and the Be A Brew Gooder's website, according to the McDonald's newsroom.

The power of a simple cup of coffee can't be underestimated, particularly one that has been offered in kindness. So if you're looking for a way to give back and get caffeinated in the process, the "McCafé It Forward" promotion is perfect for you.