You Can Get A Free Pretzel At Auntie Anne's In Honor Of National Aunt & Uncle Day — Here's How

Aunts and uncles are basically the better version of parents and I will tell you why; they let you get away with everything. Plus they're generally fairly close in age to your parents so they're young enough to do all of the fun things. As a pretty spectacular aunt myself, and also someone who has a bunch of cool aunts and uncles, I totally get it. Aunts and uncles are top of the heap, and here's how to get free pretzels at Auntie Anne's this week for your aunt or uncle on National Aunt and Uncle Day. I know; I didn't know this was a thing and now I'm weirdly excited about it.

National Aunt and Uncle Day falls on Thursday. Why do we celebrate these people in our lives with their own day, you ask? According to the National Days Calendar; "National Aunt and Uncle’s Day provides an opportunity to spend time with those relatives we trusted and leaned on growing up. It would be a good time to get out the old photograph albums and look through the pictures, reliving memories of earlier days around the Christmas tree or at the 4th of July picnic or maybe at the beach vacation that was spent with your special aunts and uncles."

Or you could go get some free pretzels from Auntie Anne's with your aunt and uncle like a nice person.

So here is how it works. You go to Auntie Anne's website to get your coupon for a pretzel between July 23 and July 30. And to clarify here, it's not technically a "free" pretzel, it's a buy one, get one free pretzel. So be a real pal to your favorite aunt or uncle and pay for your own pretzel so they can get one for free. After all, they've probably bought you hundreds of treats over the years. Otherwise they wouldn't be your favorite, right?

It's no surprise that Auntie Anne's is giving back to all the special aunts and uncles out there; according to their website, the original Auntie Anne who founded the pretzel company has made giving back the backbone of the chain. Anne Beiler initially bought a stand at a Pennsylvania market in 1988 selling homemade pretzels. And she started the business for a pretty beautiful reason:

From day one 30 years ago, giving back has been woven into the fabric of the company. “Auntie” Anne Beiler started baking pretzels to help fund her husband’s desire to provide free family counseling services for their community. He ultimately realized his dream and opened a counseling center.

With that, the largest soft pretzel chain in the world was born. I really hope she's someone's favorite aunt, because Anne Beiler sounds pretty incredible to me.

Now Auntie Anne's sells more than just delicious salty pretzels, dips, and pretzel dogs. Good old Auntie Anne was smart enough to sell some pretty tasty beverages to help quench your thirst after eating too many pretzels as well.

Thinking you might need something a little stronger? Well, Tuesday is National Tequila Day, so you can combine your hard won favorite aunt pretzel with a margarita on Tuesday to become the best kind of aunt. A fun aunt. Several chain restaurants are offering deals on cheap margaritas, so why not take advantage? You earned it.

If you're not a tequila person, here's something else you can do; go get that free pretzel for your favorite aunt or uncle. Head to the beach. Eat, hang out, do nothing, and simply bask in the glory of knowing you did something nice for someone who loves you.