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These Target Black Friday Hacks Will Literally Have You Walking Away With Free Sh*t

If you're ready to stock up on free gifts for the holidays, look no further than your favorite neighborhood big box store. There's a lot of Black Friday information floating around right now, so you might not have time to read all of the fine print. Luckily we did it for you and we found some extra noteworthy deals that will literally get you free stuff from Target on Black Friday, making gift-gifting, or self-indulging, even easier. After all, free is the best price of all.

As previously reported, there are plenty of excellent Black Friday deals at Target this year, but if you pay even extra attention, you can easily score a few goodies or rack up a bunch of Target gift cards which basically equals cold hard cash — you know that you're spending all your extra dough at Target anyways. Loads of items, from wireless Beats headphones to a precision sous vide cooker, come with a free Target gift card, making their prices even lower than listed. And although Target is bringing the heat in the rebate game this year, there are still a few BOGO free deals that will help you stock up your store of gifts.

The free offerings Black Friday customers get with purchases are pretty great this year, and they are detailed below. But keep in mind that Target also offers in-store giveaways for customers who enjoy freebies year-round. Upcoming Target giveaways include a LEGO Star Wars poster, keepsake holiday photo and frame, and a Star Wars sticker sheet. These freebies would make pretty great stocking stuffers for a lot of gift recipients.

Plus, you can enjoy most of these deals from the comfort of your own home. If going out on Black Friday isn't your favorite thing, then shop online. Until December 12, Target offers free shipping and returns on online purchases (although minimum shipping orders or handling fees may apply), so now is definitely the time to stock up, and if necessary, regret and return later.


Free Jar Candles

Candles make great go-to holiday gifts, because they're appropriate for almost any gift recipient. This deal will let you stock up in a hurry. Jar candles are buy one, get one free at Target for Black Friday. Selections will vary by store, and this only goes for candles in the home department (so Febreze and Glade candles don't count.) Still, you can go buy a dozen jar candles and get six of them free, which means having backup gifts on hand all season long, or the best smelling home on the black.

It's worth noting that the jar candles at Target are pretty premium for their price, to be honest. According to Buzzfeed, Target's Island Moonlight candle is a dead ringer for Anthropologie's much pricier Volcano candle. So you could buy a bunch of Island Moonlight candles ($11, Target) and help all of your friends and family create a fancy AF atmosphere in their homes.


Free Pop Socket Cell Phone Grip

PopSockets are little devices that stick on the back of a cell phone to act as a grip or a stand. I'm sure you've seen them on Insta. For Black Friday, Target has a buy 2, get 1 free deal on PopSockets. Available in a variety of designs, from Pokemon characters to marble print, PopSockets are another gift choice that would work for almost anyone. And if you just want to grab a dozen of different designs for your own phone, that's cool too. Personally, I would love to rock a space design PopSocket on my phone.


$250 to $300 Free Target Gift Cards

As far as Target freebies are concerned, gift cards are king. Honestly, it looks like most of the store's free giveaways come in the form of a gift card of some sort, so keep an eye out when you're browsing the bullseye. To get the most bang for your buck, go big. A free $300 Target gift card is available with qualified activation of a Samsung Galaxy Note8, Galaxy S8, or Galaxy S8+ at stores with Target Tech. On a similar note, activation of an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 Plus comes with a free $250 Target gift card. If you're already set on a new cell phone for the holidays, then this gift card giveaway can put a little extra spending money in your account. And if you're able to hold onto these gift cards til next year — good luck — your phone upgrade will practically pay for itself.

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