How To Get Instagram Story Stickers, Because How Else Will You Share Your Holiday Spirit?

It's the season of perpetual hope and light and love. So I'm glad we've all decided to get over the whole "Instagram Stories totally copied Snapchat Stories" narrative, because we have bigger fish to fry these days (Trump, no more Obamas, Trump again) and because we're not that petty, are we? Besides, no matter how you celebrate at this time of year or what you celebrate, Instagram Story stickers are the way you are going to want to impart your wishes of good tidings and great joy, in this age of instant social media gratification.

Instagram announced on Tuesday that it would be adding stickers — such as a snowman, candy canes, gingerbread men, ugly Christmas sweaters, and dreidels — to make your social media holiday celebration much more personal, and much more festive. The company is also launching year-round customizable stickers to add to your story, but it's the holidays and it's basically impossible to think of life existing beyond New Year's Day at this point, so let's focus on the holiday-themed ones for the moment (which is fine because Instagram will also be blessing us with New Year's Eve-themed stickers, and I hope they look like me in my pajamas eating Chinese food in front of the television).

According to the Instagram Stories blog:

No matter where you are or what you’re up to, you can add context to your story with stickers. After you’ve taken a photo or video, you’ll see a new stickers button next to the text and drawing tools. Tap the smiley face to find customizable stickers for weather, the current time and even your location. Adding a location sticker works the same as adding location to the posts you share to feed — simply choose or search for your location. People watching your story will be able to tap the sticker to learn more about the location, but your story won’t show up on the location page itself.

The update, which Instagram launched on Tuesday and which is available to all iOS and Android users, also includes a hands-free recording option that means we're all going to be subjected to introspective guitar solos for the foreseeable future. Users simply swipe left, then tap "Hands-free" at the bottom of the screen instead of the old tap and hold scenario.

I hope everyone gets to decorate their Stories with all the gingerbread men and candy cane stickers their little hearts desire this holiday season. I hope to see lots of heartfelt walks through the snow on Instagram Stories, not to mention cocoa drinking, party laughter with twinkly lights in the background (that totally doesn't look forced), and pictures of cookies that no one is eating, all decked out with dreidel, snowmen, and mistletoe stickers galore.

It truly is a joyous season.