How To Get Pregnant If You Have A Tilted Uterus, According To Science

When you're trying to conceive, you begin to examine many aspects of your life. You think about your dining habits, cycle, and even your vaginal discharge. You've probably never considered the position of your uterus, unless you've been told in a medical exam that your uterus is tilted. But don't let that discourage you. Figuring out how to get pregnant if you have a tilted uterus is easier than you think.

According to Livestrong, a full 20 percent of women have a tilted, or retroverted, uterus. (That's a one in five chance of having a tilted uterus.) So what does a tilted uterus mean? According to the Mayo Clinic, most women have a uterus that tilts forward towards the abdomen. In women with a tilted uterus, that uterus tips backwards towards the spine.

For most women, noted Mayo Clinic, it's a genetic tendency or circumstance of birth, but for some women, a tilted uterus is due to scarring from surgery or endometriosis. The scarring pulls the uterus in the opposite direction from where it lay naturally inside of your body, and typically in these cases, it's a sharp tilt.

But does having a tilted uterus affect your chances of conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term? You don't have to be as worried as you thought.

As it turns out, according to the Mayo Clinic, a tilted uterus doesn't generally impact your ability to conceive or carry a baby to term. However, if your tilted uterus is secondary to scar tissue from surgery or endometriosis, then it might. But in those cases, it's not really the tilting that's an issue, but the scarring, and it needs to be treated and evaluated by a specialist. If you are experiencing symptoms that your doctor attributes to your tilted uterus, the American Pregnancy Association added that there are surgical treatments available to you.

If your uterus is causing you any discomfort during intercourse, there are positions that can make it a more comfortable and pleasurable experience for you and your partner, too. As far as how to get pregnant if you have a tilted uterus? The same way you get pregnant with a forward-facing uterus — timed sex and good luck. If that isn't working as quickly as you think it should, definitely see a specialist to be evaluated more thoroughly.