How To Get Saoirse Ronan's Oscar Dress, Because Her Shimmering Green Ensemble Was Totally Drool-Worthy

I sort of love everything about Saoirse Ronan (except maybe trying to remember how to spell her name, but you can't have everything). I adored her as the confused little girl who makes a huge mistake in Atonement. She basically stole the show in The Grand Budapest Hotel and that was no small feat. And tonight at the Oscars, her dress was off the hook. All that and a bag of chips. Wondering how to get Saoirse Ronan's Oscar dress? Good. You should be, because we all deserve to look like sexy, sparkly green mermaids too.

Well, I suppose we can almost look like Ronan. Because it turns out her emerald green sequined dress was custom-made by Calvin Klein, specifically for the occasion. Ronan chose the color of this dress to honor Ireland, her native country, and she loves the dress because, as she told Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet, "it has all of these ribbons on the back." (Said in her gorgeous lilting Irish accent which makes everything sound better, of course.)

The Oscar nominee (who's been nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role for her turn in the movie Brooklyn) has actually been to the Oscars before. When she was 13 years old she was nominated for her role in Atonement. Let's have a look at her two Oscar dresses... what a difference 8 years make!

So how does one get Ronan's gorgeous Oscar look? Short of becoming an actress, getting nominated for an Oscar and asking Calvin Klein to create something specific just for you, here is the next best thing.

If you've got the budget, you could try a little Badgley Mischka...

... or for a cheaper option, you can always rent this similar Badgley Mischka from the popular

Want an even more affordable option? Check out this adorable mini-version over on SilkFred:

Looking for a slinkier incarnation of Ronan's stunning green gown? Check out this ASOS collection gown (it's pretty affordable too!):

Whatever your take on the green mermaid look, make sure to take a page out of Ronan's book and keep your hair easy, your makeup light... and your joy totally shining through. Happiness is the best accesory, and it looks like Ronan might have it in spades.