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How To Get Through Father's Day When You're Dad, Too

If you're a single mom, then chances are you've experienced the nagging sense of having to do it all but also, be it all. For every day you feel like a single mom rockstar, there are 10 days where you ask yourself, am I doing enough? Am I doing the best I can for my kids? Am I giving enough? The answer, sweet mama, is yes. So this Father's Day, let's celebrate you, the mom who not only does it all, but also has to be it all. Here's how to get through Father's Day when you're a single mom.

Whether you're divorced and your ex simply isn't in the picture, you sadly lost your child's father way too soon, or maybe you've always been a single mom — whatever your situation is — you deserve to be honored on Father's Day, too. For some, being a single mom means more than having to do the majority of the work and making the most sacrifices on behalf of your children. For some moms, being a single mom means having to fill the shoes of being dad, too. It's realizing your kids have needs that you couldn't possibly have seen coming, but you step up anyway. Because you're the mom who not only does it all, but is it all.


Show Yourself Some Grace

This Father's Day, make an intentional decision to cut yourself a little slack. It's hard enough that everything falls on your shoulders, but what makes things more difficult is when we question ourselves and allow ourselves to fall into a spiral of self-doubt because we're constantly holding ourselves to unrealistic expectations. So, give yourself some grace, girl. Look at all the bad*ss things you've done for your kids. You are far from perfect, but your kids don't need a perfect mom — they need a mom who knows she's not perfect but does her best and still loves herself anyway.


Let Go Of Resentment

Don't spend Father's Day drowning in the pain of resentment. Holding on to bitterness is like drinking energy poison. Let go of whatever resentment or unresolved feelings you may have, even if it's just for the day. Allow yourself to work through those negative feelings so you can move on in a way that won't hold you back from your glorious single mom potential.


Have Some Fun

Use Father's Day as an excuse to do something fun and engaging with the kids. Take the day to do something you all really enjoy. I mean, use the day to really connect with them. Unplug and take a trip to the zoo, or go for a hike or maybe to your favorite ice cream shop.


Practice Gratitude

Take a moment this Father's Day to practice gratitude, even if it's hard. Allow yourself to feel appreciation for all that you do have and all you've done for those sweet kiddos. Look at your amazing kids — you created them and you're molding them into the incredible human beings they are.


Take A Little Time For Yourself

If you've been completely overwhelmed and are on the verge of caving under all the pressure (we've all been there), why not use Father's Day as an excuse to take out a little time for yourself. Focus on self-care, prioritize your mental health, and do the things that make you feel good. If that means de-stressing by getting a massage, then get a babysitter and make a spa appointment. Exercise or go to brunch with some girlfriends. For the single mom who is dad too, this is your day also.


Find Comfort In Community

Sometimes being a single mom can feel lonely and isolating. So this Father's Day, why not meet up with a local group of other single moms? Or do some community activities with the kids, meet other parents, and get yourself out in a world — you never know who you could meet.


Plan A Boy's Day

Celebrate Father's Day with your dad, uncle, brother, cousin, or any important male figures in your child's life to honor them (and yourself) for all that they do. Because it takes a village, right?