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How To Listen To Luke Pell's Music, Because The 'Bachelorette' Contestant Has Talent

by Kathleen Walsh

The Bachelorette hometown episode sure was a doozy. At the last second, moments before she was about to send him home, Luke Pell decided to throw a wrench into the proceedings. He took her aside at the rose ceremony to finally confess his love, and that's when JoJo fell apart right there at that airport hangar. Until this moment, Luke has played his cards pretty close to the vest, including his musical ambitions. But as it turns out, he is every bit the guitarist and country crooner that his erstwhile competition James Taylor was. Perhaps you'd like a little more Luke in your life, and you're now wondering how to listen to Luke Pell's music. In which case, I've got you covered.

As an aspiring musician, Luke has his music available on several different outlets, including YouTube, Spotify, and Tidido, but interestingly nothing on Soundcloud. Unfortunately, it looks like he has only released three songs so far, "Tungsten Steel," "Hand Me Down Chevrolet," and "Fall of Me," each of which fall slightly to the country side of rock and roll. If you simply can't get enough, you could always try reaching out to him via his Gigmaster's page, which says that he'll travel up to 3000 miles. Of course, I have a feeling he's going to be very busy these days. If you can't get Luke to play at your event, here is where you can check out his music.


Luke has posted two videos for your viewing pleasure, "Tungsten Steel" and "Hand Me Down Chevrolet." The songs are good and Luke is obviously adorable, but I feel like this YouTube channel could use some serious beefing up, don't you?


Luke's two released singles, "Fall of Me" and "Tungsten Steel" are also available on iTunes for the low, low price of $0.99 each. Of course, I'm not entirely sure anyone who's not a Taylor Swift fan still uses iTunes when you can listen for free using...


...where Luke Pell's music is also available. Again, we've only got the two singles so far, so hopefully we don't all get too sick of them before long.

Luke clearly has not had a whole lot of time to focus on his music lately, as he's been very busy attempting to woo JoJo Fletcher away from 20 other guys. His music is the type of anthemic Southern rock with definite mainstream appeal. It's possible this guy could blow up any day now. Unless, of course, he can't record anything new while he's filming as the next Bachelor.