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Here's How To Make A Slush Puppie At Home So You Can Get A Frosty Fix Anytime

As the days get hotter (and more humid), the thought of a cool treat starts to sound better and better. Sure, you can stock the freezer with ice pops, but have you ever wondered how to make a slush puppie at home for something a little different? After all, nothing will cool you down quite like a frosty drink!

The original Slush Puppie was introduced in 1970, according to the treat's official website; the company was bought by the ICEE Corporation in 2006 and has only continued to evolve and gain more and more popularity over the years. Essentially, a Slush Puppie (or Slushie, or Icee) is made from shaved ice and flavored with different syrups like strawberry, lemon, raspberry, and more. They're like the drinkable version of a Popsicle, but even better because you can mix up the flavors to create a totally unique (and delicious) drink all your own. A Slush Puppie is exactly the kind of drink you want when you're lounging by the pool (or watching the kids run through the sprinkler) on a hot summer day.

It's always fun to go out on a Slush Puppie-procuring adventure with the kids, but you can get "cool parent" points by knowing how to make the treat at home. All you need to do it is some ice, a blender, and a good recipe.


Easy Slush Puppie With Kool Aid

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You can make a sweet and delicious Slush Puppie using this recipe from Eating on a Dime, choosing any flavor you want (as long as Kool Aid makes it). Just make sure you have a good, strong blender.


Fresh Fruit Slush Puppie

If you're looking to make a Slush Puppie that's a little lighter on the added sugar, you can use fresh fruit for the flavoring instead. The Kitchn has a great recipe that uses some sparkling water and can be modified no matter what type of fruit you're using.


Coca-Cola Slush Puppie

Coke (or root beer, or any soda you want) makes for a really good Slush Puppie flavoring, and it's really easy to whip one up. You can make two Slush Puppies with one can of soda using this recipe from The Frugal Girls.


Grown-Up Slush Puppie

Why should kids have all the fun? You can make a wine Slush Puppie with some sparkling wine, frozen strawberries, and a little sugar. Get all the details for the recipe from Wine and Glue (and chill a wine glass).


A Classic Slush Puppie

If you're a fan of the classic, sugary blue raspberry Slush Puppie, you can make your own at home using the recipe from Design, Eat, Repeat (it uses non-alcoholic blue curacao syrup for that authentic slushie color). If you have the other ingredients lying around, it's easy to whip up one of your childhood favorites.


No-Blender Slush Puppie

Don't have a blender? No worries, because Favorite Family Recipes has a solution. You basically take whatever juice you'd like to turn into a Slush Puppie and freeze it using a creative method that involves ice, Ziploc bags, and a little shaking.


Watermelon Slush Puppie


It's hard to decide which is more refreshing, watermelon or a Slush Puppie... so why not put them together for basically the best summer treat? Homemade in the Kitchen has a super easy recipe.


Raspberry Rosé Slush Puppie

Like wine, you can also mix rosé or champagne into an adult Slush Puppie. Sugar and Soul has a mouth-watering recipe for a raspberry champagne version that calls for frozen raspberries and pink champagne.


Lemonade Slush Puppie


Tastes of Lizzy T has a fantastic recipe for a fresh lemonade Slush Puppie that's as refreshing as it sounds. You can go to the website to learn the step-by-step instructions (that only take about five minutes).


Unicorn Slush Puppy

If you are all about the look of your Slush Puppy, A Magical Mess has instructions for turning a lemonade Slush Puppy into a rainbow work of art (it's all about the "unicorn sprinkles"). They don't necessarily taste any different from a lemonade Slush Puppie, but they look pretty magical.