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How To Make Halloween Slime For An Ooey-Gooey Holiday Craft

Fads and trends may come and go, but slime is here forever. DIY slime making has oozed its way into everyday, creative playtime. It gives kids an opportunity to use science and imagination to create awesome, tangible works of art that are super fun to play with and a little gross. (What more could kids ask for?) But nothing says Halloween like ooey-gooey, sticky slime, so knowing how to make Halloween slime is a must for a festive, fun DIY.

Honestly, Halloween-themed slime is the perfect way to get your kids into the holiday spirit. The best part about making slime is that you have endless colors and additives to choose from, so you can turn your slime into whatever creepy concoction you'd like. Whether your kid wants to play mad scientist or a witch stirring the slime up in their bubbling cauldron, they're sure to love this creepy, spooky craft. Bonus? It's way easier than carving a pumpkin and won't send pumpkin guts all over your house.

So if you want to know how to perfect the art of Halloween slime, here are some spook-tacular Halloween slime ideas — ranging from cute to straight-out creepy — that'll add tons of ghoulish excitement to your Halloween celebrations.

Easy Halloween Slime Jars

If you're having a party, or just want to store your slime Halloween style, these easy Halloween slime jars from The Best Ideas For Kids are perfect. You can use them as party favors, or even hand them out as treats.

For the slime, you'll need some Elmer's white glue ($3, Sam's Club), green glitter glue ($3, Walmart), orange food coloring ($3, Walmart), baking soda ($1, Target), and contact lens solution ($2, Target). For the jars, you can get tiny mason jars ($16, Amazon), googly eyes ($5, Amazon), and adhesive black felt ($8, Amazon).

Elmer's Halloween Slime

If you're short on time and patience, but still want amazing looking Halloween slime, Elmer's has a terrific Halloween Slime Kit ($14, Target) which has everything you need as shown in the Elmer's Slime Kit test video from Rainbow Play Maker. It's really convenient and easy to whip together, and looks really cool, too.

Glow-In-The-Dark Spider Slime

Anything that glows in the dark is cool, especially slime. This is a great glow-in-the-dark spider slime tutorial from Dave Hax that will be fun to play with in the dark, and could even be used as part of your Halloween party decor.

All you need is Elmer's white glue ($3, Sam's Club), glow-in-the-dark face paint ($3, Target), and borax ($6, Walmart). To complete the glowing look, you can put the slime in a mason jar ($5, Target) with glow sticks ($14, Amazon) and top it with little plastic spiders ($7, Amazon).

Shopkins Halloween Pumpkin Slime

If you're a parent, you know that slime isn't the only fad around. Shopkins are everywhere, and kids love to play with them, collect them, and trade them. So why not combine the two fads, and make BubblePop Kids Shopkins Halloween Slime?

You will need Elmer's white glue ($3, Sam's Club), borax ($6, Walmart), orange food coloring ($3, Walmart), silver glitter ($9, Amazon) and a mason jar ($5, Target). To decorate the jar you can use adhesive gems ($6, Amazon), DohVinci ($15, Amazon), and of course, Shopkins ($5, Amazon).

Halloween Eyeball Slime

No slime is as monstrous as this Halloween Eyeball Slime from Pins and Things. It's perfect for Halloween and the kids will get a kick out of the gooey, mushy texture of the slime and the eyeballs.

All you need is clear school glue ($13, Amazon), borax powder ($11, Amazon), and glow-in-the-dark sticky eyeballs ($9, Amazon).

Blood Slime

Want creepy, sinister slime this Halloween? Then you can make this blood slime from Pins and Things, which will take the Halloween "ick" factor to the next level.

You'll need clear glue ($13, Walmart), liquid starch ($3, Walmart), red food coloring ($3, Amazon), and brown food coloring ($4, Amazon).

Colorful Halloween Slime

If your kids love adding things like beads and glitter to their slime, they'll love this DIY Halloween slime recipe from Fluff Berry Puff, which incorporates clear slime with all sorts of Halloween foam shapes and designs. The result is really cool looking slime that is perfect for the holiday.

All you need is clear glue ($13, Walmart), borax powder ($11, Amazon), and colorful glitter foam Halloween stickers.

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