3 Ways To Make Playdough Without Cornstarch

Crafting with your kids is a great way to encourage creativity, resourcefulness, and even an appreciation for basic scientific principles. But sometimes that inspiration strikes when you don't have all of the ingredients on hand. For instance, you may find yourself wondering how to make playdough without cornstarch. A toddler who's hyped about experimentation is unlikely to have patience for a last-minute run to the store, so you may want to make do with what's already in your cupboard.

Good news for aspiring artists everywhere: there are loads of homemade playdough recipes that don't call for any cornstarch. Basically, as long as you have some flour and water, a simple dough is well within your reach. If you want to get fancy, some salt and oil can provide added texture, and a few drops of food coloring can make your dough any hue you like.

When you're ready to branch out to other creations, there are plenty of safe slime recipes you and your kid can try out, courtesy of Romper. Whatever fun stuff you're whipping up in the kitchen, your kid is sure to enjoy playing with the results. Read on to find the playdough recipe that will keep your kid entertained for hours.


Flour & Oil Playdough

This simple playdough recipe from BeforeAndAfterTV calls for flour, salt, oil, and a little food coloring. No cream of tartar or cornstarch is needed at all. Plus, the resulting dough is colorful, squishy, and fun.


Flour & Salt Dough

Salt, water, food coloring, and flour are all you need for this no-bake playdough recipe from YouTuber MintChocChips. The end result is colorful and (technically) edible.


Flour & Water Dough

It's a sweet and simple concoction from the people who make Play-Doh. Some warm water and flour is all you need for this DIY playdough recipe. How many toys are nearly free and this much fun?