How To Make Slime Without Borax, Because There Are Many Ways To Create Goopy Stuff


If you have a kid, chances are you know all about the homemade slime trend. By following a simple recipe of household ingredients, kids can make a delightful slimy substance. However, one ingredient has given parents cause for concern: Borax. It makes knowing how to make slime without Borax all the more important so you can help your kids enjoy this trend in a safe way.

The typical slime recipe is simple enough. According to Home Science Tools, you can combine school glue, water, and Borax to create a squishy, messy slime substance. This basic recipe has caused some concern recently, after an 11-year-old girl suffered from severe burns on her hands after making slime, as noted by the website for People. Her extended exposure to Borax apparently caused the reaction. The incident made many parents understandably concerned about the safety of this slime-making trend. With the abundance of Borax-free slime recipes, however, your kids can still jump in the slime trend safely.

For starters, you can use another ingredient that's probably handy in your kitchen: corn starch. As explained on Sciencing, a simple mix of corn starch, warm water, and food coloring can be used to make homemade slime. You can play with the water to corn starch ratio to make it as runny or solid as you like.

For many slime aficionados, edible ingredients are a great alternative to Borax. As noted in the website for People, popular edible slime recipes include potato starch and sugar, or even Nutella, marshmallows, and salt. You can learn about science and have a snack at the same time.

Like with most crafty things, YouTubers have created an endless supply of ideas about safe slime. As the informative video from "MonsterKids" shows, you can make a stretchy, glossy slime out of glue and baking soda. (The video is seriously mesmerizing.) What's more, Talisa Tossell has an entire video testing out non-Borax slime recipes, using ingredients such as dish soap and corn starch to make your own. By taking a cue from these crafty YouTubers, you and your family can experiment with different recipes to find the slime concoction that works for you. With many options that are literally safe enough to eat, your kids can get in on the slime craze safely.