How To Dress Your Baby Like Pennywise From 'It' For A Scarily Cute Halloween

As a horror movie buff, I'm not usually jarred by scary things or disturbing movies. But I would be lying to you if I didn't admit that It stirred a little fear in me when I viewed the new release. Especially considering I haven't seen the original (because, unpopular opinion alert, I've never been a huge Stephen King fan), I had no idea what to expect going into it ... It. So considering how to dress your baby like Pennywise from It could truly be the element that puts your Halloween costume game over the edge this year. Because the only thing creepier than Pennywise is a baby dressed like Pennywise.

Surprisingly, putting together a Pennywise costume isn't as complicated as it may seem, and it's fun to get creative with the elements it includes – like red face paint and creepily-styled red hair. Your baby is going to be the creepy, unforgettable talk of Halloween dressed up like Pennywise, much like this toddler's viral It photoshoot, shared by Bustle. So if you're considering tackling an It-themed costume, Pennywise could be the scariest go-to for you to take on this Halloween. And I think you'll be impressed with how easily you can pull it off.

If you want to perfect the Pennywise look, you're in luck. Check out the steps listed here to get the creepy, spot-on It look for your baby this year.


Style The Hair (Or Lack Thereof)

First and foremost, it's all about the hair. If your baby isn't a natural redhead, this element can be a little more complicated, but still doable. Find a doll or baby wig similar to the color of Pennywise's hair – much like Lily's Vintage Barbies' Auburn Infant Wig ($13, Etsy). According to, a baby's head usually measures between 13 and 15 inches in the first months. So keep that in mind when seeking out sizes but also consider measuring before deciding on a wig. After you locate a suitable red-hair wig, you might need to cut or style it with gel or mousse to get the pointy appearance on either side and the receding hairline.


Find A Vintage Outfit

For Pennywise's outfit, you want to find a vintage, long sleeve shirt like this Vintagezuhause Ruffles and Lace Baby Blouse ($27, Etsy) and quarter-length pantaloons with a flair ($16, Amazon). Next, you can add in some white or red socks ($10, H&M), because Pennywise's shoes are both red and white and so thin they're almost sock-like. You'll want to put the final touch on with three small, red pom poms ($1, Michaels) secured up the shirt like buttons with safety pins, fabric glue, or sewn onto the blouse.


Add Makeup To The Mix

Considering your baby has sensitive, delicate skin, you may not want to overdo it with the face paint, but there are some great options to add in Pennywise's red mouth with eye and cheek streaks. If you want to stay kid-friendly, Parenting shared an awesome natural recipe for face paint that uses food for safe coloring, or you can purchase organic, hypoallergenic face paint like Go Green Face Paint ($18, Amazon) to use this Halloween.


Don't Forget A Red Balloon

Whether you're taking your baby out in a stroller, car seat, or carrying them with you, find a creative way to attach the infamous red balloon. It's probably the most memorable and creepy prop Pennywise uses throughout It. You can use an actual balloon, create a construction paper cut out, or even find a red rattle if you want a smaller scale item that looks similar to a balloon. Whichever you choose, it will definitely help you put the perfectly creepy final touch on your baby's Pennywise costume.

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