How To Name Your Baby Based On Your Favorite Wine, Because This Is Important

It doesn’t take long for people to start asking you, “Have you picked a name yet?” when they find out you’re pregnant. It’s everyone’s favorite question, right after “Do you know what you’re having?” and before “Are you going to breastfeed?” For some moms-to-be however, the question of a baby’s name can be the most overwhelming. Drawing inspiration from television, movies, and books is fine, but you might want a name with a more subtle connection like a baby name based on your favorite wine.

I know what you’re thinking, and no, these monikers won’t make you sound like an alcoholic. Instead of naming your child Chardonnay (which, let’s be honest, sounds a little pretentious), you can focus on the flavors of the wine, the characteristics of it. Is it a sweet, easy to drink white? Or is it a more robust, flavorful red? Maybe your favorite comes from Italy and can inspire you to give your babe a romantic, Italian name. No matter what your favorite wine is, there is a way to incorporate that delicious bottle into your baby’s moniker. With these eleven wines, you can find a name that complements them and gives you an answer to all those busybody questions.


If You Swoon Over Shiraz. . .

Fans of this hearty, spicy red will want some robust, fierce names for their little ones. Try Apollo, an incredibly strong name from Greek mythology, or Ramona, a Spanish name meaning “wise-protector.”


If You Pop Champagne. . .

Few things are more celebratory than champagne, so spread the cheer with your babies’ names. Felix is Latin for happy and fortunate, while Joy is a happy, celebratory name for a girl.


If You Always Order Riesling. . .

For fans of the sweet German wine, take inspiration for it’s country of origin. Heidi means “of noble birth” (obviously, she did come from you, after all) and Fritz means “peaceful ruler.”


If You Prefer Pinot Noir. . .

A savory wine, pinot noir is known for it’s smoky, earthy taste. Take those characteristics into consideration with rustic names like Archer, meaning bowman, and Hazel, the nature inspired moniker from a hazelnut tree.


If You’re More Into Moscato. . .

Pouring a glass of the sweet, Italian moscato should inspire you to take a look at some of the most darling Italian names. For a little girl, Carina is gorgeous and means “dear little one” while Santino for your little guy means “little saint.”


If You Want A Nice Glass Of Chianti. . .

With sweet flavors like cinnamon and vanilla, Chianti is the inspiration for gentle, but rustic baby names. River or Hawk are sweet, earthy names for a boy, and Willow, the nature-inspired name, is lovely for a little girl.


If You Love Lambrusco. . .

A simple, bright wine, Lambrusco makes me think of a relaxing summer day. It’s known for being the perfect picnic wine, so choose sweet, simple names like Anne or Sarah and Teddy or Peter.


If You Pop Pinot Grigio. . .

With crisp, fruity undertones, pinot grigio is a popular white wine that can give you more than just a fun night out. To convey the taste of this wine without being too obvious, names like Flora, meaning flower, or uniquely colorful Crispin are great choices.


If You Need More Merlot. . .

A light, easy drinking red wine, merlot gives off an elegant vibe. Alistair brings out the sophisticated characteristics, while Scarlett highlights the drink’s gorgeous tone.


If You Sip On Sherry. . .

One of the more popular Spanish wines, a glass of sherry is meant to be savored. Go for traditional, rich Spanish names like Alejandro for a boy and Marisol for a girl.


If You Can’t Resist Cabernet Sauvignon. . .

With a firm, rich taste and flavors of musk, earth, and leather, cabernet sauvignon serves as inspiration for solid names. Olive is a strong name, while Clay is a nice earthy choice.

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